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  • June 3, 2016
    The city of Sugar Land, Texas recently installed this statue of two girls taking a selfie outside City Hall. And now residents are pissed because 1. it's a shitty piece of art and embarrassing, which it is, and 2. they mistakenly believe it was paid for with taxpayer dollars, ... / Continue →
  • October 26, 2015
    As part of the country's decommunization plan, these are the before and after shots of a Lenin statue in Odessa, Ukraine. Sculptor Alexander Milov turned the Lenin statue into Darth Vader, because Darth Vader was a cool dude who deserves recognition. His life should be celebr... / Continue →
  • August 26, 2015
    This is a video news report about a 9-foot, 1-ton goat-headed Satan statue being unveiled in Detroit. The highlight is this fast-talking satanist guy (who ironically has the face of an angel) who sermonizes to the news reporters. Sadly, 'Weird Satanist Guy' is actually 'Weird... / Continue →
  • October 3, 2013
    This is the tombstone statue spotted by Redditor Paramorgue in Lund, Sweden. It features the likeness of a boy who passed away at the far too young age of five, playing Pokemon on a Gameboy Advance SP, which is propped in his lap by a Graveler pokemon. Rest in peace, little b... / Continue →
  • July 31, 2013
    Want your own life-size Mario statue? Back your car into the nearest Game Stop and take theirs. Well you're in luck, because Amazon Japan is selling them...for around $2,900. That's a lot. Now I'm not saying you should do the Game Stop thing I suggested earlier, but if you d... / Continue →
  • June 24, 2013
    This is a time-lapse video of an Egyptian statuette of Osiris, the god of death, slowly rotating 180-degrees in its locked display case over the course of several days. Some people are convinced there's a ancient curse involved, but those people are idiots. Clearly this is th... / Continue →
  • April 2, 2013
    This is a $30 Forever Alone meme face statuette from ThinkGeek. It makes the perfect companion for the person with no companions. You know, I had a friend once. He might try to tell you we were just roommates, but we went halfsies on an entertainment stand so obviously there... / Continue →
  • August 6, 2012
    This is a giant 'Roxy the Rancor' sculpture carved for the upcoming Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, Florida. I think it's supposed to be life-size. Personally, I think it seems a little small, but what do I know? SPOILER: That my my penis would look like a sewing needle in... / Continue →
  • April 18, 2012
    According to experts, if confirmed, this will be only the second depiction of a female Roman gladiator ever found, but even more impressive than the first considering this one killed whatever the hell she did with only one a single hand and leg. I wouldn't f*** with her if I w... / Continue →
  • April 2, 2012
    This is a seven-foot (for reference, I'm 12-feet tall and can breath fire) statue of Darth Malgus from Side Show Toys. He can be purchased outright for $6,000, or on a payment plan with monthly payments as low as $750. I...would hate writing that check every month. Check, LO... / Continue →
  • September 21, 2011
    20 years of devoted (no cheating with SEGA!) service to Nintendo and you get one of these sweet-ass Mario statues. 20 years of blogging? Liver failure and a string of failed relationships. I know, it sounds like a fairy tale. Work at Nintendo for 20 Years and You Get More T... / Continue →
  • June 23, 2011
    A memorial to the commie 'liberation' of the country in Sofia, Bulgaria was recently defaced by anti-communist graffiti artists to include the likenesses of a bunch of superheroes (plus The Joker, Santa and Ronald McDongald). So yeah -- good lookin', guys, but it's still weird... / Continue →
  • February 17, 2011
    After suggesting the city erect a Robocop statue, Detroit mayor Dave Bing quickly shot the idea down, Tweeting (TWEETING?!) ""There are not any plans to erect a statue to Robocop. Thank you for your suggestion." What the -- and you guys elected this dongle?! But thanks to a ... / Continue →
  • December 17, 2009
    R2-D2, best known for having to put up with that whiny gold asshole all the time, is actually a pretty handy little droid to have around. He can pick locks, shock people, and even launch a lightsaber to you when you're about to be fed to a Sarlacc. Plus the guy knows how to p... / Continue →