snakes? why did it have to be snakes?

JERK!: Dino-Baby Eating Snake Discovered

Paleontologists recently found the fossilized remains of a snake in a dinosaur's nest, about to chow down on some baby dino. Thankfully, God spited the snake and...
March 2, 2010

Roomba Saves Kids From Poisonous Snake

Apparently a Roomba operating in Israel recently sucked up a poisonous Vipera palaestinae, preventing it from killing a family's two children and pets. Too bad that poor...
November 28, 2009

Indiana Jones Action Figure (Plus Fridge!)

I never saw the new Indiana Jones movie because I prefer my childhood memories un-desecrated, but for those of you that did, and actually liked it, there's...
October 23, 2009