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  • September 9, 2013
    Slingshot aficionado and addictive-voiced Joerg Sprave is back at it, this time with a custom made arrowhead that has two little knives that flip out from the point after entering a zombie's skull FOR MAXIMUM CEREBRAL DESTRUCTION. Maybe not as destructive as an arrowhead with ... / Continue →
  • August 30, 2011
    Remember Mr. Slingshot? He is like, soooooo into slingshots. I heard he likes them so much he wants to marry them. I know, it's that serious. Me? I'm married to the lord. Or is that nuns? I dunno, but one of them used to let us drink the Ocean Spray cran-grape juice out ... / Continue →
  • May 31, 2011
    Because my job is as easy as following Youtube channels and posting the latest content (or "stealing everything from from Reddit/Stumbledupon" depending on which dumbf*** you ask), here's Slingshot Bear-Man or whatever the hell he calls himself shooting circular saw blades with... / Continue →
  • May 9, 2011
    Having a picnic? I'll bring the melon balls. Remember Slingshot Guy? How could you forget, I think I'm developing a non-sexual (okay, MOSTLY non-sexual) man-crush on him. MOVE OVER MIKE ROWE aside, here he is with his latest slinger of shots, the 'slingshot of mass destruct... / Continue →
  • April 26, 2011
    Remember the guy that built the machete-shooting slingshot? This is him. It's not a twin or just a brother that looks similar, it's actually the same guy. And now he's back with a steel ball-shooting slingshot Gatling gun. It looks pretty fierce. Granted not as fierce as t... / Continue →