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  • October 20, 2011
    After that performance I'm wishing the same. This is the music video for William Shatner's painful as f*** cover of Queen's iconic 'Bohemian Rhapsody', appearing on his 2-disc classic rock cover album 'Seeking Major Tom.' Also appearing on William Shatner's cover album? Brig... / Continue →
  • June 15, 2011
    Almost 15-years in painful development, Duke Nukem: Forever dropped in the U.S. yesterday and apparently isn't very good. Like, its reviews have pretty much blown. I'm talking alien wieners here, folks. Green, tentacled ones. "With eyeballs?" *barf* YOU'VE SEEN ONE WITH E... / Continue →
  • March 24, 2011
    According to a recent study, Facebook is visited more often than pr0n sites in the UK, indicating either 1. people are actually getting sexed in real life (unlikely) or 2. masturbate using only their imaginations. Haha, who hasn't convinced themselves a cloud looks like a nake... / Continue →
  • January 31, 2011
    If my parents ever found out I was taking a college-level English course that involved reading Twilight, not only would my dad have tied me to the couch and made me watch 'Blade' until my eyes bled, my mom would have home-colleged me. *railroad-tie to the heart* CONSIDER YOUR ... / Continue →
  • August 24, 2009
    So yeah, this is sad. Private Richard Hunt, the 200th U.K. soldier to die in Afghanistan, was buried over the weekend. He would have been 22 yesterday. His father Phillip, enjoyed playing Call of Duty: World at War with his son. He left a copy of the game at his grave. "H... / Continue →
  • August 19, 2009
    Not to be outdone by Dell's L337 shipping practices, HP decided to ramp up their efforts to show that THEY hate this planet even more. What's in the box? Hit the jump to find out. And no, it's not a tiger. But good guess. Hit it. DO IT NOW!... / Continue →
  • July 22, 2009
    And in a bit of sad news, a Chinese factory worker jumped to his death after losing track of an iPhone prototype he was responsible for shipping to Apple. The dead worker, Sun Danyong, 25, worked in product communications at Foxconn Technology Group, a Taiwanese firm that make... / Continue →
  • July 9, 2009
    A man died in a New Jersey chocolate factory yesterday after he fell into a huge vat of melted chocolate. Vincent Smith II, 29, was dumping raw chocolate into the vat for melting when he fell in from a nine-foot high platform. He suffered a fatal blow to the head from the va... / Continue →
  • May 22, 2009
    This is a short infomercial for Paper Towels. I only watched like five seconds of it before I started daydreaming about who would win in a fight, this guy or Vince 'ShamWow' Shalomi. Then I realized I would kill them both because I ride into battle on a dinosaur holding a sma... / Continue →
  • April 1, 2009
    25-year old England native Tim Eves collapsed and died while playing Wii Fit with his girlfriend and best friend. I am officially never working out again. Tim Eves was 'jogging' on a Wii Fit games console as Emma Tuck and Lewis Hickin looked on, when he slumped to the floor. ... / Continue →
  • February 3, 2009
    We reported on a 'death by cell phone explosion' last year, but that one turned out to be some guy trying to cover up accidentally killing a coworker. Maybe this one's real. Or maybe somebody else pushed the wrong lever. A man has died after his mobile phone exploded, severi... / Continue →
  • December 18, 2008
    Three people in Japan have died after trying to use a robotic foot massage machine on their necks and shoulders. In the most recent case, a woman removed the cloth cover of the machine and ended up strangling herself when her shirt collar was caught in its massage rollers. T... / Continue →
  • September 17, 2008
    In this installment of money doesn't buy class comes a Ferrari station wagon. It was custom built by Ferrari for the Sultanate of Brunei and is making me sick to my stomach. The only thing worse than paying Ferrari to build a station wagon is to make one yourself. I just don... / Continue →
  • September 11, 2008
    Damn, this is some sadness. Chayya, a 16-year old Indian girl from Madhya Pradesh, drank pesticide and killed herself over fear of the Large Hadron Collider going online and destroying the earth. I send my deepest sympathies to Chayya's family and pray, for the sake of my own... / Continue →
  • August 5, 2008
    Well folks, it happened. Somebody went and named their energy drink after a slang term for a woman's nether region. Or a cat. The one that starts with p and ends with ussy. Yep. This is almost as bad as the German Poontang Juice. (Our product) is unique. It is made with... / Continue →
  • July 15, 2008
    If there's one thing that's sad, it's the death of a pet. Followed distantly by $1.2 billion plane crashes. And, while we've already posted another picture and video of the crash, here are some nice close-ups of the now infamous wreck. Pretty sad isn't it? I think so. Of c... / Continue →
  • July 14, 2008
    As many as 29 people may have partial vision loss as the result of a laser light show at an outdoor rave near Moscow last week. Several have experienced vision loss as high as 80 percent. Attendees said heavy rains forced organizers to erect massive tents for the all-night ... / Continue →
  • May 29, 2008
    We all know Han Solo blasted Greedo first (wiki link) and it was a travesty when they changed it in the re-release. And we also know Han was the first to blast Carrie Fisher. So what's up with the shirt? Per my tipster, Jon: Great, now that we all agree George, give me my fr... / Continue →
  • April 8, 2008
    Now we've seen a lot of awesome freaking commercials here at Geekologie, but this one may take the cake. It's for the $600 Beamz Laser Music System (Beamz Lazer Muzic Zyztem was already taken). It's basically six lasers, and anytime you break a beam with your fingers/hands a ... / Continue →
  • February 4, 2008
    Are most of your fires really small? If so you should consider this little extinguisher -- the PinQY (~$79). It's (brilliantly) marketed as "the discreet tool for putting out the beginnings of a fire." First of all, what in the hell are the "beginnings" of a fire? Marketing... / Continue →