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DJ Meow Mix: Scratching Turntables For Cats

Convinced your cat is musically inclined? You're f***ing crazy. Regardless, you should still buy it a $23 Cat Scratch Turntable from SUCK UK, if only to provide...
September 29, 2011

Your Wiener, Now With More Stick-On Crystals

British men, upset that woman get to have all the 'sticker crystals on your privates' fun, have finally gotten their wish with Pejazzles: peel-off Swarovski crystal stickers...
May 20, 2011

Yes, Of Course: iPad Games For Cats

Because the crazy cat-lady is a rarely tapped video game demographic, a company has developed an iPad game designed specifically for cats. You, uh, do know crazy...
December 20, 2010