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  • July 7, 2011
    These conceptual (thank God) Magic Emotion glasses from thinker Yunfan Tan were designed to enhance the visual emotions of the wearer, that way THERE IS ZERO DOUBT whether somebody's sad or angry. You know, because it's hard to tell when somebody's crying or punching you in th... / Continue →
  • February 4, 2011
    EXTREME SITTING! Sporthocking (not to be confused with spittin' game) involves a participant performing some feat of ridiculous-lookingness by juggling, kicking, throwing, spinning, sliding, etc.-ing a 'Sporthock' (which looks like the lovechild of a bongo drum and Sit 'n Spin... / Continue →
  • July 12, 2010
    Wanna look like Iron Man while you're riding your motorcycle? First things first: you're gonna need a motorcycle. And no, your scooter doesn't count. You couldn't even pull off a Tin Man costume riding that deathtrap. The latest motorcycle suit inspired by a comic book movi... / Continue →
  • June 14, 2010
    Free booze: want. Bullet earphones: do not want. These Teknines Nine Millimeter Earphones from MUNITO look like bullets but they are in fact earphones. The copper alloy cases are gold plated and the cords are covered in Kevlar, and yes you will look like a pathetic wannabe ga... / Continue →
  • April 30, 2010
    Gorilla glasses make it appear as if you aren't really looking at what you're looking at (unless you're trying to see your own brain), so gorillas won't kick your ass for making eye contact. They also work for staring at boobs (wear them over x-ray specs). The Rotterdam Zoo ... / Continue →
  • December 2, 2009
    We've seen our fair share of ridiculously expensive speakers here on Geekologie, but nothing as scrapyard-fresh looking as these $263,000 Fabio Ognibeni Opere Sonore's. Admittedly, they do go with any decor, provided you live in an blacksmith's workshop. God, I'd hate to run ... / Continue →
  • October 8, 2009
    These are three examples of custom cupcake cars that Neimen Marcus is selling for Christmas this year. Each cake will set you back $25K, but makes the perfect gift for the Lollypop Guild member on your list who has everything. Plus, they come with matching hats! Put on your ... / Continue →
  • May 1, 2009
    Finally, Cincinnati has it's own superheros. Shadow Hare, a 21-year old masked vigilante, prowls the streets while leading a ragtag bag of other assholes crimefighters known as The Allegiance of Heroes (MUST SEE hero pep rally at 1:07). And, apparently, this isn't a unique ph... / Continue →
  • April 20, 2009
    I know what you're thinking, "holy shit, that glass has a tumor!", and you're right, it kind of does. The Glass Tank is a conceptual wine receptacle that keeps your glass topped off at a constant level. That way you get drunk with while you're, you know, I've been drinking. ... / Continue →
  • January 18, 2009
    We've already featured $19,000 and $300,000 turntables here on Geekologie, but what about something for the average guy -- you know, a mid-range record player? Enter the Angelis Labor Gabrielle Turntable. The Gabriel is made from aluminum, bronze and stainless steel and can... / Continue →
  • December 11, 2008
    The Covini Six Wheeler (C6W) needs a new name but does have six wheels. It looks kind of like a Ferrari whose mother downed too much ethanol during pregnancy. So why the six wheels? The Covini Six Wheeler takes its engineering inspiration from the 1976 Tyrell P34 race car wh... / Continue →
  • December 2, 2008
    Hammacher Schlongmeister, purveyor of the utterly ridiculous, is selling a gas-powered snowboard this year. Because, you know -- shit, beats me. This is the gas-powered vehicle that combines the thrill of riding a snowmobile and the freedom of a snowboard, enabling you to sur... / Continue →
  • November 24, 2008
    You ever wonder what you look like playing video games? Well I'll tell you: a slovenly asshole with man-tits and torn boxers lounging on a broken recliner. Psyche, that's just me. But now photographer Robbie Cooper has made a video showing just how goofy kids look while they... / Continue →
  • November 18, 2008
    Apparently in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, the youth are obsessed with pimping out their cars with dragons, which is probably one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard. Dinosaurs, sure, but dragons? What are you, 10? Thanks to some really imaginative car lovers with tons... / Continue →
  • November 17, 2008
    We've seen incarnations of the treadmill-cycle in the past, but this one really takes the cake. Mostly because you can run on that mother tandem. And there's nothing cooler than running on a treadmill with wheels directly behind another guy running on the same treadmill with ... / Continue →
  • August 18, 2008
    A group of immigrant teens from Trinidad that now live in Queens, New York call themselves the Stereobike crew and add bad-to-the-ass audio systems to their bicycles. Systems that put the boombox I keep in my front basket to shame. The speakers, powered by car batteries and r... / Continue →
  • August 8, 2008
    The GoateeSaver looks like the thing they made Hannibal Lecter wear and protects your goatee while you shave in case you have the shakes or are prone to seizures. The $20 device has height and width adjustments (those three silver rollers) so it's one size adjusts to most. Yo... / Continue →
  • July 21, 2008
    iBeer is an iPhone application that can be downloaded from iTunes for $3. It's every bit as ridiculous as Captain Kissyface in the picture looks. Because there is nothing sadder than pretend drinking beer. It makes me want to kill myself. If you really want it though and be... / Continue →
  • July 17, 2008
    First there were cat wigs, then dog wigs, and now, baby wigs. Baby Toupees are "small wigs for small people" and cost $22 apiece. Thankfully these weren't available when I was a baby or my mom would have bought them all. Baby Toupee: $22. F***ing your kids up for life: pric... / Continue →
  • July 8, 2008
    From our "Money Can't Buy Classiness" department here at Geekologie comes this gold covered Porsche. Some moron with more money than taste has added almost 40 lbs of gold to his 911 convertible. So now it's 40 pounds heavier, and 50% less cool. I swear, what is it with rich ... / Continue →