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  • January 5, 2011
    I'm not gonna lie, I slept in this morning expecting to wake up a multi-millionaire from the $330-million lotto jackpot. But did I win? Nooooooooooooo, apparently somebody upstairs still holds that time I kissed a girl on a church retreat against me. GOD (literally, I know ... / Continue →
  • September 23, 2010
    Pokemon Black and White, best known for not combining to form Pokemon Gray no matter how long you leave them alone together with the bedroom door closed and everything, has sold over 2.63 million copies in its first two days of its Japanese release. That's a 2, a 6 and a 3 wit... / Continue →
  • August 25, 2010
    Note: This is only a small, unreadable portion of the infographic, click HERE to see the whole thing in stunning 3-D. Fine, FINE -- 2-D. This is an infographic all about Apple. I thought it was pretty interesting. And by pretty interesting I mean I would have been just as... / Continue →
  • August 17, 2010
    Millionaire English couple Tony and Judie Ellis don't have any children. Or pets. What they do have is a robotic child they built themselves. You, uh, do know that makes you creepy as shit, right? But is that gonna stop me from hitting their rich asses up on Halloween? Hel... / Continue →
  • March 29, 2010
    Can't decide which one of your Lamborghinis you want to display in the living room? Well fear not, because now you can get an elevator installed that connects your garage and living room, so you can display whichever one you want! You're richer than God! This Tokyo (naturall... / Continue →
  • July 28, 2009
    Patti Deni, undoubtedly trying to make up for her lack of parenting (or child droppage), had a 98-inch StarGlas60 television installed in the ceiling above her teenage son's bed. "Because it's so big and has such a wide viewing angle, Patty's son wouldn't have to lay flat on h... / Continue →
  • May 27, 2009
    The Highland Park, Illinois home of Ferris Bueller's best friend Cameron is currently available for $2.3 million if you're interested. The house is best known for its cantilevered plate-glass garage that Cameron sends his dad's Ferrari through after kicking the shit out of it.... / Continue →
  • March 12, 2009
    Remember when we showed you what a billion dollars looks like? Well this is what a trillion dollars looks like. Allegedly. That little red stick on the left is supposed to be a human, for reference. Now I'm not very good at math so I couldn't actually make any direct compar... / Continue →
  • February 13, 2009
    This is the end of a rainbow as captured by Jason Erdkamp on his iPhone while traveling down Highway 241 in Orange County, California. Are the leprechauns in the back of that SUV? But Jason, from the Los Angeles suburb of Lake Forest, said: "There was no pot of gold, but I ... / Continue →
  • January 31, 2009
    Get a good look folks, because you're sure as hell never gonna see it in real life. One Billion Dollar is stacked on 12 standard pallets, altogether 10 million 100 USD notes. One Billion Dollar is not so much about what you see but what you could do or not do with the money.... / Continue →
  • January 26, 2009
    Damn, now why didn't I think of that? Oh wait, I did. Screw you you bearded copy-cat, I am the OG! Gold Zelda Cartridge Bling [buzzfeed] Thanks to Pablo and Jack, who can only afford silver cartridge bling because they aren't filthy rich like me.... / Continue →
  • December 30, 2008
    The Cloud 9 by Radio Flyer is thankfully just conceptual at this time because no child, I don't care if they pick platinum boogers, deserves to ride around in such opulence. The questionable Flyer comes complete with two seats, MP3 player, speaker system, 5-point racing harnes... / Continue →
  • October 23, 2008
    I've never felt poorer in my entire life. Youtube Thanks to Andrew, who, along with robot apocalypse tipster Nolan, is taking turns kicking me in the nuts today.... / Continue →
  • September 29, 2008
    The Airbus A380 is a $300 million, 7-story plane that's as long as two blue whales and 260 ft from wingtip to wingtip. And, apparently, it's a flying resort. The A380 is the ultimate in luxury. It has three decks: the top two for passengers and the lower one available for a m... / Continue →
  • September 17, 2008
    In this installment of money doesn't buy class comes a Ferrari station wagon. It was custom built by Ferrari for the Sultanate of Brunei and is making me sick to my stomach. The only thing worse than paying Ferrari to build a station wagon is to make one yourself. I just don... / Continue →
  • August 22, 2008
    Kidtropolis is a company that makes childhood dreams come true, provided your parents shit gold nuggets. This is an almost finished "Magic Treehouse Bedroom" built for the luckiest kid alive. I mean, not only does the youngster get a treehouse, they get one in their bedroom. ... / Continue →
  • August 11, 2008
    Armin Heinrich made a $1,000 iPhone application called "I Am Rich" that doesn't do anything but open a picture of a glowing red gem. That way, nobody will feel bad about stealing your phone. And, God willing, punching you in the teeth with a car. The app displays a glowing... / Continue →
  • July 23, 2008
    Not that we really needed any more proof that money doesn't buy class or my affection, I thought I'd post this so everyone can blow off some steam by ranting in the comments section about what possessed some nutass to Burberry his Maserati Quattroporte. It's fugly and they did... / Continue →
  • July 16, 2008
    There was a time in my life that started when I turned 21 and ended on June 15, 2007 when I would get drunk at the bar everyday at 11:00 A.M. and watched The Price Is Right. And if you think I'm joking, sadly, I am not. Anyway, this is a picture of Stephen "Woz" Wozniak, co-f... / Continue →
  • July 2, 2008
    This is a $1,000,000 highly modded 1995 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit MKIV recently spotted in London. It was customized by Indian firm DC Designs and is rumored to belong to the Sultan of Brunei's family. I guess it looks okay, and I like the way the doors open (see pictures af... / Continue →