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  • December 15, 2011
    This is the Pyro Board, a tabletop filled with flammable gas and soundwaves being pumped through it. Depending on the frequency, the table makes different flame patterns. No word if playing death metal with produce a pentagram and burn your house to the ground, but if I hear ... / Continue →
  • January 5, 2011
    This is a slow-motion video of a match lighting at 2,000 frames-per-second, which ends up taking two-and-a-half minutes to watch. It's pretty neat, but not nearly as neat to think about as how the hell they managed to slow down time. *shaking videographer like a ragdoll* TELL... / Continue →
  • December 1, 2010
    Smokey the Bear isn't laughing. This is a video from a Youtube user dalemclmm testing REI's Storm Proof Matches. Tests include: burial, stomping and water-dousing, then all three at once. I'm not really surprised the matches survive considering they're sulfur-coated (versus ... / Continue →
  • November 29, 2010
    This is a video from the BBC's Bang Goes the Theory in which the host Jem (not to be confused with his sister, Scout) visits the Solar Furnace Research Facility in Southern France and uses solar energy stolen from this spaz to set (instantaneous) fire to a wood plank, melt stee... / Continue →
  • June 14, 2010
    Lighters: they set things on fire. Sometimes it's fireworks, sometimes it's accidentally your crotch, but it's always a good time. And now you can buy Zippos that look like the SEGA Genesis and Sega Saturn. Somebody's thinking about giving crack a go! They're available in b... / Continue →