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  • May 18, 2011
    This is probably the best Mentos in Coke video that exists. I've spent countless hours minutes watching other ones, and now I'm wishing I hadn't. I know the screencap I used looks like broski's about to bottle-cap his eyeballs out, but it's even better than that. Okay, not b... / Continue →
  • May 17, 2011
    Note: Another bonus shot of the shuttle launch taken from earth that may or may yes look exactly like somebody trying to nuke a cloud. This is a picture of Endeavor's last blast-off taken by Stephanie Gordon during a flight bound for Palm Beach, Florida. Now I know what you'r... / Continue →
  • November 8, 2010
    Seen here reaching for the sky (or ground rather), 51-year old Yves "Jetman" Rossy successfully performed some rocket-powered aerial acrobatics last Friday, including the often tried, but rarely succeeded without crashing into the ground and dying "loopty-loop". In his latest ... / Continue →
  • September 8, 2010
    Did I mention it's only 127 light-years away? Start packing the rocketship! Haha, not you. You're not coming. Astronomers have discovered a planetary system containing at least five planets that orbit a star called HD 10180, which is much like our own Sun. Christophe Lo... / Continue →
  • June 4, 2010
    Dogfight as in airplane battle, not dogfight as in I'm a peenerless d-bag who likes watching pitbulls bite each other. Which, fun fact: if I'm ever diagnosed with terminal cancer I'm coming for you. Me making you chew on a gun aside, this is an awesome jet-fighter scene creat... / Continue →
  • March 5, 2010
    We've already heard about Martin's jetpack several times in the past, and now, finally, they're going into production -- and for $25K less than previously expected. Oh -- oh God -- JETBONER! The Martin Aircraft Company jetpacks have about 200 HP coming out of their dual pro... / Continue →
  • February 26, 2010
    NASA, in a covert attempt to mine Martian cheese, wants to send scientists to the moon in the form of avatars, just like in the movie by the same! (Avatar, not Martian cheese -- although that shit has blockbuster written all over it too). NASA can put humanoids on the Moon in... / Continue →
  • February 19, 2010
    John Coker undoubtedly ate crayons (and Play-Doh) as a child. And when he grew up, he decided to make an 8-pack of giant Crayola crayon rockets and shoot them into the wild blue yonder. Sadly, only four of the eight rockets took to the sky. It's okay, John, a 50% success rat... / Continue →
  • February 18, 2010
    NOTE: Best viewed at Youtube in 720p. This is a video of the recent Atlas V liftoff and subsequent sonic boom. The cool thing though is you can actually see the shockwaves when the rocket goes supersonic. The whole thing is worth a watch, but the money shot starts at 1:50 (a... / Continue →
  • February 1, 2010
    That's right, would-be astronauts, you can forget about NASA ever sending you to the moon strapped to a giant rocket, cause that shit ain't happening. Your only chance now is lassoing a moonicorn and barebacking that bitch to outerspace. Obama wants to end NASA's moon program... / Continue →
  • January 19, 2010
    This is a video of a Japanese man flying around a television studio with a homemade jetpack strapped on. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the video to play here at work so I've had to rely on the word of my tipsters. So, give it to me straight -- is it as awesome as I'd hoped? ... / Continue →
  • January 16, 2010
    John Hunter is a man with a dream. And while most men dream of supermodel orgies (don't lie), John dreams of shooting shit into space with a cannon. Me too, John, me too. PSSSHOOOOOOOOW!! John Hunter wants to shoot stuff into space with a 3,600-foot gun. And he's dead serio... / Continue →
  • June 24, 2009
    I'm pretty sure this is every five-year old boy's first invention. Of course, few have the technical know-how to make it happen. And even fewer are allowed to play with power tools. But grownup Ray Bavetta kept the dream alive and slapped a 3.7HP model airplane engine on a ... / Continue →
  • November 21, 2008
    Just look at that bridge. I was almost tempted to call it Photoshopped, but then I remembered I'm not a stupid idiot. The Siduhe Grand Bridge has been in construction for over 4 years and stands 2,132 feet above the ground below. Holy shit! One of the initial problems with ... / Continue →
  • September 11, 2008
    Chios, Greece doesn't celebrate Easter with dyed eggs and a big chocolate bunny. No sir, they do it up right -- with two churches firing thousands of fireworks at one another. The tradition dates back to 1889 (OLD!), when Ottoman forces confiscated the islander's cannons and ... / Continue →
  • March 17, 2008
    This is close-up picture of the Space Shuttle Endeavor orbiting earth. And what is that in the window? An iPod! Astronauts listen to iPods in space (or at least throw them on the dash of the shuttle to look cool)! You know, I'm really glad this picture came out because it's... / Continue →