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  • March 26, 2014
    The Chinese government is going to start selling bottled and canned air to tourists (previously: this businessman doing it) starting June 20th in an attempt to address its growing air pollution problem. I'm not sure that's really addressing the underlying problem. Complimenta... / Continue →
  • January 17, 2014
    With air pollution nearly 26-times as dense as the World Health Organization considers safe, residents of Beijing watch the sunrise on a giant video monitor because you can't see the real thing. Pfft, who wants to see the sunrise anyways? I want to wake up at noon. Then go b... / Continue →
  • December 11, 2013
    Because, hey -- it's worth a shot, the Chinese government-run media recently released an article citing five "surprising benefits" of the smog covering its largest cities. Mmmm, air so good you can taste it. Drumroll sad trombone please: 1. It unifies the Chinese people. 2... / Continue →
  • September 10, 2013
    Meet Lola, a 4-pound, 10-year old lobster caught off the coast of Massachusetts with a regular claw on one side, and five freaky little nonfunctional claws on the other. MUTANT! *calling Professor X* Seriously bro, you have to let us kill and eat this one. "This claw deform... / Continue →
  • January 31, 2013
    In a scene kind of but not really straight out of Spaceballs, Chinese recycling entrepreneur and philanthropist Chen Guangbiao has begun selling canned air in Beijing to bring attention to the city's poor air quality and encourage citizens to help protect the environment. Chen... / Continue →
  • October 26, 2011
    Because somebody has nothing better to do than build giant LEGO minifigs and dump them in the ocean, 8-foot tall 'Ego Leonard' (yes, he has a f***ing name) washed up on a Florida beach yesterday. No word if he was assaulted by any sharks on his trek, but hopefully he at least ... / Continue →
  • August 24, 2010
    If you haven't seen this yet it's a video of some folks that were hired by the city of Barcelona to help remove pigeons from the city and thus reduce the flying rat's fecal impact on buildings and landmarks. And this is how they do it: with some sort of magic net-gun, possibly... / Continue →
  • June 9, 2010
    Note: Video is after the jump because I can't stand the sound of fanboys crying on the front page. This is a video somebody made of a bunch of blowtorches melting an iPad. There were some words that popped up it was playing talking about Apple's environmental practices, but I... / Continue →
  • June 8, 2010
    it's official: Mario is dead and it's all BP's fault. Somebody call Bowser and tell him he can keep the Princess, nobody's coming for her. There, there, Toad, it'll all be okay. No, no it won't either. Which is exactly why I don't feel bad doing this *takes a bite out of To... / Continue →
  • June 2, 2010
    Rest easy, Gulf of Mexico, James Cameron is on the job. Wait, what?! Federal officials are hoping film director James Cameron can help them come up with ideas on how to stop the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The "Avatar" and "Titanic" director was among a grou... / Continue →
  • May 4, 2010
    The Rain Drum (why didn't you call it the Drumbrella?!) is a conceptual umbrella designed by Dong Min Park to provide a little musical accompaniment to a walk through the rain. You see (or hear!), each section of the umbrella is supposed to make a different drum sound (snare, ... / Continue →
  • November 24, 2009
    WARNING: Video is graphic (in case you couldn't tell by the screenshot) due to simulated polar bear deaths. This is a disturbing video of it raining polar bears (why couldn't it be men?!) funded by U.K. based Plane Stupid, an anti-airport expansion (read: terrorist) organizati... / Continue →
  • March 20, 2009
    This robotic fish, which looks like it was made out of precious jewels, isn't, but was actually created to detect pollutants in the earth's oceans. The 1.5 meter long robotic fish each requires about $30,000 to make. Their purpose is to head out into the open water, take in ... / Continue →
  • April 30, 2008
    Well I'm not really sure how safe they'll keep you from serious bio-hazards, but they've got to be better than just pulling your shirt up over your nose, right? Maybe not, I don't know. I ain't no damn noseologist, I'm a geekologist. Anyway, the Nose Mask Pit cost $14 and fi... / Continue →
  • April 21, 2008
    I've been itching to live on the moon for as long as I can remember (~ last Wednesday). So boy was I excited when I learned that scientists have figured out how to grow plants in moondust. All it took was some special bacteria that helps transfer nutrients from the soil (if y... / Continue →
  • April 3, 2008
    I know what you're thinking -- the Geekologie writer has lost it and is posting fuzzy pictures of a scrambled skin-flick on Cinemax. Well, you're wrong. What you're actually seeing is a picture of two million plastic beverage bottles -- the amount used in the United States ev... / Continue →
  • February 1, 2008
    Pushing the Ecobutton sends your computer into energy saver mode. So all you have to do is plug it in, load the software, and then anytime you leave your computer station slam that sucker. Of course you could manually send your computer into energy-saving mode, but nobody d... / Continue →