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  • January 25, 2013
    This is a chart depicting the distances we've traveled on worlds that aren't earth. SOMEHOW the Soviets still hold the top spot for longest distance traveled with a single vehicle. Granted it was an unmanned vehicle, but still, I'm a little disappointed in NASA. Me: *makin... / Continue →
  • May 8, 2012
    This is a computer model of a supermassive black hole 2.7-billion light years away sucking the gas off a red giant, based on the recent observations of such an event by astronomers using the Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX) and Pan-STARRS telescope in Hawaii. Why they couldn'... / Continue →
  • November 1, 2010
    Note: This is only six of the eight, and in crappy resolution to boot, hit the jump to see all of them in stunning 450px res! Steve Thomas is a graphic designer. But not just any graphic designer, oh no -- THE graphic designer responsible for creating these vintage Star Wars ... / Continue →
  • September 2, 2010
    In photo: Julia heliconian butterfly egg, top, zebra longwing butterfly egg, bottom. In other impressive photographic news, these are insect eggs as photographed using a scanning electron microscope. Ooh ooh -- do the stuff under my fingernails next. I've always wanted to se... / Continue →
  • June 5, 2009
    It's Friday, and, since I love you all, how about some sexy Star Trek and Star Wars themed corsets made by Etsy seller Evening Arwen? The Star Trek corsets go for $200 a pop and the Star Wars models (which include the rest of the costumes, but not the actual women), are $500 (... / Continue →