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  • December 9, 2015
    Pepsi has just announced the return of 1992's must-drink novelty soda, Crystal Pepsi. Tomorrow (December 10th), the company will send a free six-pack to 13,000 lucky winners who download Pepsi's customer rewards app (Pepsi Pass), but the drink will allegedly hit stores nationw... / Continue →
  • June 3, 2015
    Bethesda has just released the first official trailer for Fallout 4. It takes place in Boston (as was speculated), will be released for PC, XBox One and PS4, and looks amazing. I don't usually get crazy boners for new video games, but this morning I've got some explaining to ... / Continue →
  • August 23, 2013
    Move over Penis Shaped Sugar Bombs, because General Mills has just announced they'll be re-releasing all five of their monster themed cereals this Halloween, including Fruit Brute, the one nobody under the age of 35 can probably remember tasting. Fruit Brute, which was discon... / Continue →
  • March 14, 2013
    Scientists at CERN have confirmed the existence of the Higgs Boson, the elusive particle believed to be responsible for giving mass and shape to all objects in the universe. The announcement comes after studying the data from last year's potentially earth-destroying tests usin... / Continue →
  • July 5, 2012
    Picture related: another healthy pizza. Mike Lean is a scientist. One who knows what's up and isn't wasting his time smashing particles together hoping the world explodes. No, Mike is fighting the good fight and announced what he claims is the world's first nutritionally bal... / Continue →
  • March 15, 2012
    500 years in the making, the new Duke Nukem Diablo finally has a release date -- May 15th. BOOM -- demonic boners galore! What? Idle wieners are the devil's playground! Diablo III Will Be Released May 15 [wired] Thanks to PapaKaster, Andrew and Sak, who can't wait to get i... / Continue →
  • December 10, 2009
    For those of you not in the know, the latest game in the Zelda series, 'Spirit Tracks', dropped on Monday for the Nintendo DS and I'm going to go out and buy it as soon as I'm done writing for the day. This is extended 60-second commercial for the game. And I'm not even gonna... / Continue →
  • August 12, 2009
    Dearest Geekologie Reader, Against all odds I've survived another year and made it to 28. TWENTY EIGHT! That's like, almost a quarter of a century. So yeah, that's a real picture of me taken a few years ago after I drank my weight in Kool-Aid and went on a sticker binge. D... / Continue →
  • February 3, 2009
    That's right folks, apparently a truckload of raptors got loose in Hamilton County, Indiana, and drivers are being unsurprisingly stupid. "It's kind of crazy. I'm totally confused," said one motorist. "I'm kind of expecting ... dinosaurs to run down the road, or something." ... / Continue →
  • November 30, 2008
    As the angel of holiday cheer, I felt obligated to post these pictures of some chick cosplaying it up as Caitlin Fairchild from the Gen¹³ comic book series. Honestly, I had no idea who Caitlin was, but now I can safely say that her image is burnt into my retinas. Literally,... / Continue →
  • November 6, 2008
    Scientists, spurred on by the passing of Michael Crichton, have kicked their efforts of cloning extinct species into high gear. And I think I speak for all of us here when I say, sex with dinosaurs: it's about freaking time. Japanese scientists have produced clones of mice ... / Continue →
  • August 29, 2008
    What is that, a hair band? Nope, it's underwear -- a C-string. The misnamed C-string doesn't actually have any straps, it's kept on by hugging the vagina and buttcrack. Now that's sexy talk. C-String has a flexible internal frame that hugs and holds it to the body both se... / Continue →
  • August 12, 2008
    There's a website out there appropriately named Leiasmetalbikini that is dedicated to, well, Princess Leia's metal bikini. You can buy them, sell them, discuss them, and, most importantly, peruse a huge gallery of chicks dressed in them. I flipped through and posted a bunch o... / Continue →
  • August 12, 2008
    Many people think Geekologie is written by a computer preprogrammed with bad jokes or a bunch of fairies strung out on magic dust. Well, that isn't entirely true. You see, I came out of a vagina just like many of you did -- but haven't seen one since. Ladies, that was a bir... / Continue →
  • August 11, 2008
    Scientists at the University of California Berkeley have announced they're one step closer to the development of an invisibility cloak. The light-bending effect relies on reversing refraction, the effect that makes a straw placed in water appear bent. One approach used nan... / Continue →
  • August 7, 2008
    The U.S. military has a goal -- that it's 30% robotic in twelve years. Why? Because robots don't feel pain, and when they die you just solder them back together or build a bitchin' chair out of the scrap metal. While advances in robot technology will probably result in mor... / Continue →
  • August 1, 2008
    When running from a robot, you only have to run faster than your children. Which should be easy because you tied their laces together, right? If you answered, "I would never!", then it's been nice knowing you, but you're robot fodder. Anyway, remember the post a while back a... / Continue →
  • July 25, 2008
    Tetris: awesome. Human Tetris: awesomer. Italian chicks in bikinis Tetris: PEW. PEW PEW PEW! NOTE: Might be considered NSFW depending on how your employer feels about sexy Italian buttocks. Youtube (search human tetris for a ton more) Thanks Ross, want to go to Italy? A... / Continue →
  • July 10, 2008
    Well folks, in case you had forgotten, the 3G iPhone goes on sale tomorrow. And, apparently, this assblastingcap in the photo was the first to procure said device because he lives in New Zealand, and somehow it's already Friday over there. Anybody understand how that works? ... / Continue →