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  • April 19, 2012
    The police gave him a free night's stay in the clink! Meet Michael Baker, the 20-year old failure at life who siphoned gas from a Jenkins, Kentucky police cruiser, had his eyebrowless girlfriend take a picture, then posted it to his Facebook. You know, to make it easy as poss... / Continue →
  • February 24, 2012
    Inb4 don't try to talk me out of it! Seen here in the spacious (albeit untidy) interior of his double-wide, a man prepares to shoot himself point-blank in the stomach to test a bulletproof vest. No word what would have happened if the test had failed, but my guess is made thi... / Continue →
  • January 10, 2012
    Note: Consider this a sort of retroactive 'picture is graphic' warning. I I mean, shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. Brobro better pray the faux toughguy look is enough to keep him out of a fight, because he takes one punch to the face and he's losing both of those f***ing ... / Continue →
  • December 20, 2011
    This is a video of a kid in a sleeveless t-shirt extracting one of his own teeth with a Nerf bow & arrow. way tougher than I was at his age. He asks his dad if it's gonna hurt, his dad tells him he doesn't know, and then the kid blasts his tooth across the room withou... / Continue →
  • October 25, 2011
    Well, it's the week before Halloween -- and you all know what that means. "Undigested candy corn in my stool?" *horf* WHAT?! No. God you're sick. "Look who's talking!" WHERE?! "Nevermind." Haha, I knew what you meant I just refused to knowledge it. This is a video of t... / Continue →
  • September 1, 2011
    This is a video of some guy shooting at his boss with an AK-47 to demonstrate the structural integrity of the bulletproof glass their company sells. It's...pretty sketchy. I'm not sure what would've happened if he'd kept firing instead of only putting three bullets in the gla... / Continue →
  • May 12, 2011
    The Mt EverClimb (I see what you did there and I'm not impressed) Continuous Climbing Rope is exactly what it sounds like: an exercise climbing rope with no end. How do you know when you're done? When your hand gets sucked up into the machine and mangled. The piece of shit g... / Continue →
  • August 24, 2010
    This is some Russian man's giant CPU collection laid out on the bed he pretends to have sex in. Great job, guy. I collect baby teeth bottle caps! Largest private collection of CPUs has been discovered upon one Russian guy has posted a message on a forum. His message says "her... / Continue →