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  • October 16, 2012
    This is a video of a dude solving a Rubik's cube in 25-seconds while doing one-armed pushups. Impressive, but I just got finished solving a Rubik's cube in 15-seconds doing NO-ARMED pushups. "Are no-armed pushups when you just lay there?" YEP. "And did you actually solve th... / Continue →
  • July 16, 2012
    As I think I've mentioned before, I got banned from Comic-Con three years ago and am not allowed to return for another two. So I wasn't there this weekend. I know, as cool as sitting in a GEEKOLOGIE booth wearing dark sunglasses pretending to not be drunk would have been, it ... / Continue →
  • August 30, 2011
    Remember Mr. Slingshot? He is like, soooooo into slingshots. I heard he likes them so much he wants to marry them. I know, it's that serious. Me? I'm married to the lord. Or is that nuns? I dunno, but one of them used to let us drink the Ocean Spray cran-grape juice out ... / Continue →
  • December 20, 2010
    The only GOOD kind of sexual predator. Note: Full-res version HERE in case you want to print some out and send them as Christmas cards. Hey, I didn't say it was anything you were gonna be happy about seeing, I just said you probably haven't seen a Predator like this before. ... / Continue →
  • September 27, 2010
    This is some World of Warcraft player's giant Horde (horde? you're not hording anything but chips and soda!) inspired tattoo. It's kind of hard wrapping your head around the idea that there might actually be some real-life badasses out there playing Warcraft, but that's becau... / Continue →