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  • September 19, 2013
    Because what good is a Hello Kitty obsession if you can't put the cat right in your eyeball, apparently Hello Kitty contacts are a real thing. You can either get one big face that takes up your whole eyeball, or a ring of little faces that go around the pupil. Me? I'm going ... / Continue →
  • June 30, 2011
    Note: Search 'avatar tattoo' in the sidebar to see the progression. The last time we checked in with Iggy the Avatar superfan he was at tattoo # 8, but that was way back in 2010. Since then he's gotten #'s 9 and 10 (the faces flanking his shank-zones), planned # 11 (a giant f... / Continue →
  • November 10, 2010
    Graphic artist Jude Buffum went and created these meat diagrams showing the different cuts you can get from various video game characters. This is Bowser (full-res version HERE), but there's Ganon, Yoshi, a Chocobo, Cheep Cheep and Blooper after the jump. They all look pretty... / Continue →