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  • June 27, 2014
    Hey kid, great job with the wood but I'm trying to drop a deuce over here. An ancient Neanderthal turd found in Spain has revealed that our ancestors ate not only meat like some scientists previously thought, but a mix of fruits, berries, nuts and tubers. Basically anything t... / Continue →
  • November 8, 2010
    The last thing I need is any more children running around. Shoot, I don't even want any more children laying around. Enter a recent study published in the Fertility and Sterility journal about laptops cooking dudes' nuts. *high-five* I WAS MADE TO BE A BLOGGER DAMMIT, NOT A... / Continue →
  • August 19, 2010
    A handbag made to look like a little wiener with giant danglies. And if you think there isn't a butthole sewn on the back you have another thing coming! (Namely, a picture of a butthole sewn on the back). I was tickled all shades of pink when I saw this intentionally perve... / Continue →
  • March 8, 2010
    This is a pair of squirrels playing outerspace in the park with a couple of coconut helmets on their heads. YOU TWO ARE CRACKING MY SHIT UP!! Miss Roberts, 46, leaves out two coconuts a week and suspends them on pieces of string from her washing line and watches her furry fri... / Continue →
  • February 13, 2009
    Note: Video contains a little foul language. Sailors, please ignore this warning. Basically these asshats stuff a suction-cup tipped Nerf projectile into a real gun, pack the thing full of black-powder, and shoot some guy in the gonads. It looks like it hurts. Skip to a... / Continue →
  • September 16, 2008
    A 40-year old virgin in Tallahassee, Florida was tasered and arrested last Friday night for walking his dog in the nude (him, the dog had a collar on). Apparently the man become belligerent and refused to obey a cops orders, which led to the zap zap action. And here comes the... / Continue →
  • August 25, 2008
    Last week Intel demonstrated a system that can broadcast 60 watts of power up to three feet with 75% efficiency. Using the system seen above, they shot power from one ring of death to the other, and lit a lightbulb. Now I'm not saying it's a good idea to wave your baby-maker ... / Continue →
  • May 29, 2008
    'Flavor tripping' revolves around the "miracle fruit" (Synsepalum dulcificum), a little red berry that, after eaten, changes the perceived taste of things eaten afterwards. "The cause of the reaction is a protein called miraculin, which binds with the taste buds and acts as a ... / Continue →