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  • December 30, 2015
    A man in Schoeppingen, Germany, has died after he and two associates tries to rob a condom vending machine by blowing it up with explosives. I'm going to be honest, I thought robbing condom vending machines was a one-man job. Apparently he was hit in the head by a piece of de... / Continue →
  • May 3, 2011
    Somebody's old-ass grandma in San Diego is making a fortune selling $60 suicide kits online designed to enable a person to constantly inhale pure helium gas (not included) and die. Me? I plan on accidentally inhaling a mouthful of titties when I'm like 400 and choking to dea... / Continue →
  • March 21, 2011
    Picture unrelated, but you've still got to admire that aim. A man (possibly this one), upset his favorite Taco Bell staple, the Beefy Crunch burrito, skyrocketed in price from a moderate $0.99 to an out-of-this world $1.49, decided to take matters into his own hands. And by m... / Continue →
  • September 7, 2010
    I know, I'm still dry-heaving about it. Or maybe it was the roach I found in my cereal hanging onto a Cheerio like a life preserver. Whatever the case, I think I'm empty now. Let's proceed with caution: James Gilpin is a designer and researcher who works on the implementati... / Continue →
  • August 20, 2009
    This is a video of a shop keeper in Mexico fighting his laptop away from two would be thieves while being shot at. Now I'm not saying this guy has cojones de oro, but I am saying he must have some seriously illegal shit on that laptop. Store Clerk Dodges Bullet to Keep His La... / Continue →
  • July 22, 2009
    And in a bit of sad news, a Chinese factory worker jumped to his death after losing track of an iPhone prototype he was responsible for shipping to Apple. The dead worker, Sun Danyong, 25, worked in product communications at Foxconn Technology Group, a Taiwanese firm that make... / Continue →
  • March 23, 2009
    I can't even count the number of times I've been contacted by Nigerian princes to help move their money out of the country. Unfortunately, I don't keep a bank account because that's just another way the man tries to keep tabs on my brothel me on a short leash. Anyway, I like ... / Continue →
  • January 29, 2009
    I'm pretty sure by definition you can't sell yourself as a slave for a month, because that kind of negates the whole slavery thing. This guy is basically a really douche-y manservant. I mean, he's no Alfred. What we have for auction today is a slave, a very fit male slave. H... / Continue →
  • January 25, 2009
    This street-legal racecar limo is actually available for hire and can allegedly reach up to 300MPH. Of course your sissy of a driver will probably never top 65MPH, but that's because this whole idea is stupid. Unless you get a couple highspeed track runs before going to you t... / Continue →
  • January 12, 2009
    And that, my friends, is why I never leave the house. Youtube Thanks to The free faller, who took one wrong step.... / Continue →
  • January 8, 2009
    Gunnar glasses ($100 - $189!!!!!!!!!!) come in cleverly named styles like Bit Surfer, Wi-Five and El Doucherino, and are supposed to prevent the eye fatigue caused by blogging eight hours a day. That's right ladies and gentlemen....prepare to experience "Enhanced Computer Visi... / Continue →
  • January 3, 2009
    What the hell is a Fridge Door Can Caddy? It's a piece of molded plastic that holds four cans vertically in the refrigerator door so you can save space. And, as an added bonus, it comes with a handle so you can grab your brew and run should the cops come to raid your meth lab... / Continue →
  • December 30, 2008
    The Cloud 9 by Radio Flyer is thankfully just conceptual at this time because no child, I don't care if they pick platinum boogers, deserves to ride around in such opulence. The questionable Flyer comes complete with two seats, MP3 player, speaker system, 5-point racing harnes... / Continue →
  • December 23, 2008
    The Cabestan Winch Tourbillion Vertical Watch is utterly ridiculous and has 1,352 parts (in comparison, my sundial has two). It's "driven by a 450 link chain and nickel silver drums" and looks like it'll break just putting it on. The base model will set you back $275,000, but... / Continue →
  • October 31, 2008
    The "Find Me If You Can" lingerie line from Brazilian designer Lucia Lorio comes with a GPS-uplink unit inside so you can catch your woman jumping some other guy's bones if she's really stupid and don't know there's a brick-sized piece of electronic equipment conspicuously sewn... / Continue →