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  • March 8, 2011
    Because so many of you seem to pop raging Pokeboners anytime I post something pocket-monster related, here's a gallery of Team Rocket cosplay by skilled costumer/cosplayer/photographer Ryoko Demon. There's a bunch more after the jump, plus a bonus track of the official Pokemon... / Continue →
  • February 15, 2011
    Like, for real day -- it's not Photoshopped, it's all modeling. Which -- I'm not gonna lie, those hands are really freaking me out. Reminds me of when I was a kid and used to take the arms off my G.I. Joe's and swap them. We all did, amirite? Also, replace Sergeant Slaughte... / Continue →
  • November 17, 2009
    This is a photo taken by Flickr user Meow Cely of a girl with 'pew pew' tattooed across her fingers. I must admit, I admire her dedication to the pews. You don't see me rocking any pew-y ink (except in THIS post), and I'm one of the the laser blaster's biggest proponents. Fu... / Continue →
  • February 26, 2009
    This is the literal music video for Billy Idol's 'White Wedding'. I'm mostly posting it because I have a special affinity for Billy. You see, I went to see The Who perform Quadrophenia and Billy Idol made a special appearance dressed as a bell boy when they played the appropr... / Continue →
  • February 26, 2009
    It's never too early to start planning your next Halloween costume. In fact, I've got my costumes planned through 2016: Link, Link, Link, a Goron, a Zora, Link, a pirate, Dracula. Awh yeah, baby. But if you want to go as a guy with a wig on and a hole through his gut, go for... / Continue →