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  • March 18, 2011
    They look f***in' delicious. These freaky-ass 'Transylvanian Naked Neck Chickens' (yes, really) are chickens with a genetic mutation that gives them turkey-like necks. Or did one bang a giraffe? I'm on to you, Old MacFrankenstein! The scientists said the effects of the gene... / Continue →
  • January 28, 2011
    This is a kinetic sculpture created by Seth Goldstein that continually ties and unties a necktie. While the ability to tie a tie is impressive (I can't f***ing do it), I would NEVER trust my neck to a tie-wielding robot. Or a straight-razor. Although I did shave with a ninja... / Continue →
  • December 17, 2010
    This is a gallery of a bunch of bling created by jeweler nOir for DC Comics. That's the Gotham City ring there, but there's a ton of other stuff after the jump. They've got all sorts of rings, bracelets and necklaces and prices range from ~$50 to several hundred depending on ... / Continue →
  • June 12, 2010
    If there's one thing I can't stand it's being awake. Last night I dreamed I went to a Korean karaoke bar that also had a giant buffet set up on pool tables. I kept going for the miniature hotdogs on hamburger buns but none of them were vegetarian. Any idea what that means? ... / Continue →
  • May 29, 2010
    Want it make it look like your head's sewn on? Well you're in luck, thanks to these $15 necklaces from Etsy seller VonErickson. YOU GONNA LOOK LIKE FRANKENSTEIN, YO! The Original VonErickson Stitch Choker Carefully skull-pted and cast in a durable Vinyl by yours cruely! Ad... / Continue →
  • March 23, 2010
    This is Tokyoflash's latest exclusive design, the Kisai Escape C. What the hell is a Kisai Escape C? CHILL OUT I'M ABOUT TO TELL YOU COPY/PASTE THE PRODUCT INFO, SON! Escape C is a wireless hub that can be paired with your cell phone to make and receive calls hands free and ... / Continue →