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  • April 27, 2011
    If you haven't seen it already, this a video preview of the zombie portion of Call of Duty: Black Op's upcoming May 3rd DLC release 'Escalation', in the style of an exploitation film. That is all. Which, fun fact, is actually what 'amen' means. Kidding, amen means 'so be it'... / Continue →
  • August 9, 2010
    This is Blackstar Warrior, a fake movie trailer in the style of Shaft. It stars Lando Calrissian whipping the Galactic Empire's ass while being all smooth-talkin' and suave. God, I wish I could be more like that. And not just so I could feel up on some fine-ass booty, but I ... / Continue →
  • August 3, 2010
    This is a well-made faux trailer for Oregon Trail, the movie. For those of you that don't know, Oregon Trail was an awesome educational computer game made back in the mid-70's with graphics that rival Crysis and a storyline that could make Final Fantasies VII and X take turns(... / Continue →
  • July 5, 2010
    This is a 3:30 war movie made entirely with cardboard weaponry. It's incredibly well made though. Granted not as good as Saving Private Ryan or Band of Brothers, but if you expected it to be you obviously have zero grasp on reality. This video took about a month and a half o... / Continue →
  • February 1, 2010
    Apparently Tinto Brass, notorious smut peddler and director of the 1979 blockbuster failure 'Caligula' is set to film the first 3-D adult picture. Brass plans to "revisit an abandoned project about a Roman emperor that was ruined by Americans, and go from there," something whi... / Continue →
  • December 3, 2009
    This is the five minute trailer for Ataque de Pánico! (Panic Attack!) by aspiring Uruguayan director Fede Alvarez. Apparently flashing the video around Hollywood netted the no-name a $30 million movie deal. Nice, but I've already seen Transformers (the first one). Now, Holl... / Continue →
  • October 26, 2009
    For those of you who don't know, Star Wars: Uncut is a fan film being made in which Star Wars: A New Hope is divided into 15-second increments and a different fan is responsible for making those 15 seconds of the movie. It's a very cool concept. And this is the very cool trai... / Continue →
  • September 27, 2009
    We featured a video of Paperboy in real life earlier this week, and we're wrapping it up with a video of Paperboy: The Movie. It's a lot more dramatic than the other one. And before you ask -- yes, it made me cry. Thankfully, I cry diamonds. I'm rich, peasants! Youtube Th... / Continue →
  • January 8, 2009
    Walmart: where else can you go drink and have shopping cart races at 3 AM? Ha, besides my underground race track? Nowhere, that's where. Now click here to watch an interactive map of Walmart's virus-like growth from 1964 to 2007. As you can see, the big-box giant has been i... / Continue →