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  • December 23, 2009
    Ever wondered what baby animals look like before they're projected out of their mothers' vaginas? Well now you do thanks to National Geographic. So yeah, thanks -- I, uh, think. Extraordinary Animals In The Womb aired last year, using advances in scanning and imaging technol... / Continue →
  • April 14, 2009
    Apparently some guy was huffing pinecones when he accidentally snorted a bud into his lungs, where it grew into a little tree. Please note: man was not actually snorting pinecones, I just made that up for the sake of providing you with the highest quality investigative journal... / Continue →
  • February 20, 2009
    A woman's tightly woven hair weave allegedly saved her life from a gunshot fired by her ex-boyfriend. The 20-year-old Kansas City woman told police Juan Kemp, her ex-boyfriend, opened fire on her while she was inside her car at a Kansas City convenience store Wednesday night. ... / Continue →