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  • July 15, 2015
    This is Toyota's Ultimate Utility Vehicle. It's a modified Sierra minivan on top of a Tacoma pickup frame. Would you drive it? I would drive it. INTO A RIVER. Just kidding, I would drive it to the grocery store. And all the other soccer dads will acknowledge my dominance ... / Continue →
  • February 2, 2015
    This is a video of some good ol' boys taking an old minivan down the Cable Hill Climb (which is usually run from bottom to top in offroad buggies) at the Gray Rock Offroad Park in Gardendale, Alabama (where else?). It looks like FUN. I lived in Alabama for eleven years and I ... / Continue →
  • March 5, 2012
    Mercedes Benz decked out one of their minivans with an LED screen on one side and a camera on the other that can stream it's feed to the screen to make the vehicle look invisible. It was done to advertise the company's new F-CELL hydrogen fuel cells, which generate zero emissi... / Continue →
  • July 18, 2009
    Geekologie Reader Dustin spotted this Yoda themed shaggin' wagon driving around in the wild and snapped a few pictures with his iPhone. Good lookin', Dustin. But seriously, next time keep both hands on the wheel. I kid, I kid, that's why God invented knees. Hit the jump for... / Continue →
  • January 30, 2009
    I want one. Yesterday. Ooh, and a firetruck to power it. That way when I have children I can tell them, "Children, in the golden age before you were born daddy used to ride a water-powered jetpack to the liquor store. Now he drives a minivan. Someday you will understand th... / Continue →
  • November 19, 2008
    Hirohiko Yoshida, chairman of Japanese perverted-game maker Age Soft, went and pimped out his Lamborghini and Lancia Stratos with several of the hentai girls from the games that made him rich. Itashi is a growing fad in Japan, and consists of slathering one's car in manga char... / Continue →