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  • November 13, 2013
    So, you were trying to pee and text at the same time and what happened? You peed on the floor for ten seconds before realizing it, trailing across your shoes, then finally hitting the urinal and backsplashing your pants. You're a wreck. So what do you do? While you're washi... / Continue →
  • July 30, 2013
    This is the baby stroller built by Czech car manufacturer Škoda and designed specifically for dads to push around. Apparently a lot of dads didn't feel manly enough pushing around regular baby strollers, and wanted something a little more substantial. Wow, did any of you ever... / Continue →
  • March 11, 2013
    Heat: it's bad for your nuts. That's why balls actually hang -- to keep them further from the body and a couple degrees cooler for MAXIMUM SPERM PRODUCTION. That's also why you shouldn't drive to work every morning with a hot cup of coffee between your legs. A Slurpee, absol... / Continue →
  • October 30, 2012
    Because people are sick, Dots, an experimental sushi restaurant (WTF is an experimental sushi restaurant and does it involve mutants?) in Vienna, Austria has a one way mirror where men using the urinals can look into the sink area (not the actual stalls) of the women's room. W... / Continue →
  • September 6, 2012
    This is a line of spray air fresheners from Archer that could make even a lady's powder room smell like somewhere a real manly man (like myself) would want to hang. The $14 sprays come in three scents: European Sports Car, Distillery, and Hunting Lodge. A brief description of... / Continue →
  • September 22, 2011
    This is a vest and computer program called Mommy Tummy, a pregnancy simulator for men that cuts the the entire 'growing a baby' process down from nine months to two minutes. That...sounds like a minute and fifty seconds too long. Developed by the Kanagawa Institute of Techno... / Continue →
  • July 25, 2011
    Hell no it's not safe -- YOU COULD GO BLIND. The Viberect (I would've opted for Digjiggler) is a recently FDA-approved vibrator for men. It ranks high on the list of "things on my nightstand I don't want to explain", second only to the shrunken head voodoo talisman. Basicall... / Continue →
  • November 12, 2010
    Does this mean I get to use the ladies room? Too late -- I already have been! Sometimes Cyclops does too on accident. It just smells better plus there are never turds on the floor. *ahem* I'm looking at you, Beast! X-Men Bathroom [buzzfeed] Thanks to maggie, who has neve... / Continue →
  • October 6, 2010
    Wearing socks? Congratulations, you're also wearing male-enhancement underwear. The Daily Mail reports that the British retailer [Marks & Spencer] is set to debut two new styles of Bodymax body-shaping underwear for men on Oct. 15: one that provides a boost to the bum, the ot... / Continue →
  • August 13, 2010
    Note: This is hardly any of the graphic, possibly NSFW (cartoony dildos and naked lady) full version HERE. Did you know Alaska buys more sex toys per capita than any other state? Or that Mississippi buys more anal sex toys per capita? I did. But I did not know the world's l... / Continue →
  • June 20, 2010
    I swear, I don't know how you guys do it -- I can't even take care of myself. Just sayin', I almost burnt my entire apartment complex to the ground trying to boil hotdogs for lunch. What does that say about my potential parenting skills? Sharp as a tack, that's what. Kids l... / Continue →
  • April 24, 2010
    In a recent fake study released by Apple, women are more likely to give their number to a guy if he's toting an iPhone. And here I've just been toting my balls in a wheelbarrow! CultofMac reports that a Phones4U survey of 1,500 women found that 54% of them would be more likel... / Continue →
  • April 16, 2010
    Apparently there's a growing trend in Japan of guys wearing girl's skirts. And, more than likely, Pokémon panties. Oh did I say Pokémon? Because I meant Hello Kitty. Skirts are not only for girls any more in Japan. There are also boys that wear "Skirts" in trendy cities s... / Continue →
  • March 1, 2010
    In bad news for guys who can't grow a beard, a recent study indicates that women find a little facial hair and a geeky personality the two biggest turn-ons. Really? THEN WHY HAVEN'T I EVER SEEN A BOOB?! Despite complaining that it looks unkempt and feels rough to touch, the ... / Continue →
  • February 10, 2010
    A Canadian man was recently broken up with by his girlfriend after she found racy text messages on his cell phone. Only thing was, the messages come preloaded on every model of that phone. Ah, women. They're all batshit crazy. The Winnipeg man is calling for the phones to b... / Continue →
  • September 9, 2009
    In a unshocking report released by the New Zealand's University of Wellington, researchers found that most men don't know that women have faces. Only breasts. Haha! But seriously -- what's a face? Researchers found that virtually half - 47 per cent - of men first glance at ... / Continue →
  • June 6, 2009
    Ms. Taken is a fake engagement ring that comes in a discreet keychain holder so you can secretly slide it on before some dingdong at the bar tries to talk to you about how much money he makes being a giant effing loser. It costs $50 and I just bought them out. No more fooling... / Continue →
  • May 11, 2009
    Pheromone, named in honor of the goddess Pheromoneus, is Greek for "bonertime". Also, you're sort of being flipped off there in the picture, so consider that a little present from me to you. Anyway, this ring emits pheromones (Greek for "Spanish Booty Juice") whenever you pus... / Continue →
  • April 22, 2009
    Let's face it, there are few things in the world men respond more to than boobs. And fast cars. And vaginas. And beer. And fireworks. And dinosaurs. And guns. And meat. And meat guns. And sports. And power tool guns. Oh, and video games. So if you're a lady looking ... / Continue →
  • April 19, 2009
    I'm filing this one under awesome. Awesomely sad. Some guy paid his neighbor $2,500 to have sex with his wife 72 times in an attempt to get her pregnant. But it didn't work! Read the whole article to find out what happened, and trust me -- it'll make you feel good about you... / Continue →