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  • October 20, 2011
    This is a video of an alleged 2,000-foot long Hot Wheels track that can keep a car going for the entirety of its length thanks to a small fortune in those little battery-operated car launcher thingies. Of course it could be a hoax (what kind of sick f*** hoaxes a Hot Wheels tr... / Continue →
  • March 25, 2009
    OnLive promises to change the way we game by requiring no heavy-duty consoles or gaming rigs in the future, just a simple box and high-speed internet connection. The brainchild of Rearden Studios founder Steve Perlman, formerly of Atari, Apple, WebTV and more, and Mike McGarve... / Continue →
  • February 3, 2009
    As a guy who actually witnessed a hit and run last night, I've got to admit: I should drive more carefully. Now there's probably a picture of my Wii Mii out there posted next to the carcass. Wonderful. No, really, that is a wanted poster and that is a Mii on it, and that mad... / Continue →
  • February 2, 2009
    Remember the guy that took 26 years to solve a Rubik's cube? Yeah, what a loser. Whenever I'm feeling down I pop in Cheers To You! and think of him. Then I get even more depressed and start binge drinking. Anyway, Professor Erno Rubik is dropping another toy bomb on the wor... / Continue →
  • October 13, 2008
    A bunch of parents think a Fisher-Price doll is promoting Islam. The doll in question, the Little Mommy Real Loving Baby Cuddle and Coo Doll is not only poorly named, but spouts religious messages (as alleged by previously mentioned soccer moms). The doll is only supposed to... / Continue →
  • September 29, 2008
    From Lolliphile, the makers of the Maple-Bacon lollipops, comes their newest flavor -- Wasabi Ginger! I love wasabi. I can eat a whole ball of it. I eat it until I cry. Same goes for ice cream. Oh, and cereal. Product Page... / Continue →
  • August 6, 2008
    These are bunch of designs that you can get on t-shirts, hats, buttons, posters, mugs, mouse pads and Maxi-pads to show support for your favorite Star Wars character in the coming election. There are several more designs, and you can even customize them so that your name appea... / Continue →
  • May 14, 2008
    The jDome is the brainchild of John Nilsson and allows a player 180° field of vision. "All you do is put the jDome in front of a projector, mirror the image in the projector, change the Field of View and you're good to go." Simple as that. Nilsson estimates the domes will g... / Continue →