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  • December 4, 2009
    Disposable flasks are exactly what they sound like: throw-away flasks. They're basically glorified juice pouches with a screw-top lid. ZOMG, I LOVE DRINKING EVERYWHERE! Enter the Disposable Flask ($15/set of 3). These 7.5 oz. reusable foil pouches are portable, freezable, po... / Continue →
  • November 27, 2009
    Well folks, there's a new drunkest beer in town. And that beer is Tactical Nuclear Penguin by BrewDog Brewery in Scottland -- at 32% alcohol by volume content. I WANT IT INSIDE ME! Too bad it's gonna cost $49.50 a bottle. I'm sticking to isopropyl! A warning on the label s... / Continue →
  • November 16, 2009
    I love tequila sunrises. You know why? They're fruity, come with a little umbrella, and go down great with breakfast. Which, more often than not, is two quarts of mimosas I mixed into an orange juice carton. I SHOULD WRITE A BOOK ON EATING HEALTHY. But, for those of you th... / Continue →
  • November 11, 2009
    This is a 9-second video of an evil mad scientist pouring liquid nitrogen in his mouth and blowing out vapor. Why? Because he's mad, yo! Even worse than that tea-loving mother with the big hat. Though it may look like this scientist is actually drinking the liquid nitrogen,... / Continue →
  • October 4, 2009
    These are dino bone shaped ice cube trays from design firm Fred. They come in Triceratops and T-Rex models and I would totally suck on either one. Unfortunately, I can't imagine these bones lasting too long in a drink. OR MY BED. Need to dig up a clever party accessory? Loo... / Continue →
  • April 25, 2009
    This video is like two years old so if you've seen it, congratulations, free Geekologie bumper sticker. Just leave an 'OLD' and your bank account info in the comments and I'll have it transferred first thing Monday morning. Anyway, did you know that in an emergency situation ... / Continue →
  • April 16, 2009
    The Triforce is a shot made of equal parts dark rum, banana liqueur, and Goldschläger. It sounds delicious (minus the combination of rum, banana and cinnamon), and I'm going to drink them until I start seeing fairies. You know, like Julia Roberts in Hook. But way nakeder. ... / Continue →
  • February 19, 2009
    I remember one time in college I got so drunk I thought the electrical cord to the mini-fridge was my belt. Long story short: the milk went bad. Anyways, beer roulette: not as fun as beer darts, but how can you compete with the excitement of potentially piercing a friends nad... / Continue →