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  • January 11, 2013
    This is a .338 Lapua Magnum rifle outfitted with a Linux-powered TrackingPoint XS1 system, an advanced computerized scope that takes all the guesswork out of shooting animals in the woods. Sport, LOL. Why not just send an unmanned drone to go kill all the deer for you? The i... / Continue →
  • March 17, 2010
    Many of you are probably thinking I only posted this because I needed something I could just toss up quick and dirty to keep you entertained while I unload a shit-ton of boxes. Well those people are 100% correct and should consider careers in child psychology. jmi3i [izit] ... / Continue →
  • December 26, 2009
    This is a little graphic depicting how fanboys view their operating system compared to others. I thought it was pretty cute, especially the little Mac boy. Also, who else feels like they got Windows as viewed by Linux'd last night? Just me? Cool. How Fanboys See Operating ... / Continue →
  • November 1, 2007
    PC Dice are a sophisticated diagnostic tool used to determine the current problem with your computer. They run $27 for the set of three dice. You just give them a good roll, and presto -- your problem reveals itself. The green die has the words Virus, Spyware, Modem, Video, ... / Continue →
  • September 10, 2007
    Tim Brom of Calvin College built the Microwulf Supercomputer, that flips 26 gigaflops (26 billion double-precision floating point instructions per second) and cost $2,500 to build last year (and would only cost $1,256 to build today). It consists of four microATX motherboard... / Continue →