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  • March 10, 2011
    This is a homemade pulse laser gun built by Patrick Priebe. The thing packs a 1-kW burst that can burn through plastic, foam and thin metals. Plus explode eyeballs. Just kidding, I don't actually know that for a fact, I'm just assuming. Although I do encourage Patrick to ma... / Continue →
  • November 19, 2010
    Wanna play laser tag but feel like toting a plastic laser gun around will get you disqualified from the LARPing competition? Fear not, Lord Laserpews, because now you can play laser tag with Harry Potter wands. ABRACADABLASTERS! *GW casts copy/paste product features* Duel... / Continue →
  • October 19, 2010
    Note: Worthwhile 1:30 trailer after the jump. Slightly NSFW due to a censored wiener. Life In Space is a sci-fi comedy show made by my friend Tyson. I've known him since I was five or six so I'll vouch for him despite the fact he beat me in the face swinging at a piñata at ... / Continue →