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  • August 3, 2015
    These are the 3-D printed light switch plates sold by Etsy store 3DPrintingEgg. They're charging $10 for a single switch cover, and $20 for a double or triple switch, although the designs are free to print if you have your own 3-D printer. I just bought a bunch before realizi... / Continue →
  • September 26, 2013
    Because what good is science fiction if we can't eventually make the technology real, scientists at Harvard and MIT have created a new form of matter that behaves similar to a lightsaber. Heck yeah! *turns off light swinging yardstick with a bunch of glowsticks taped to it* ... / Continue →
  • July 26, 2013
    Picture related: frozen light. Zing! NOW COME TEAR MY HEART OUT NO MERCY STYLE. German researchers have successfully "frozen" light for an entire minute, which apparently means great things for the future of "light-based quantum memory" and other things my brain refuses to b... / Continue →
  • February 15, 2013
    In news that just makes me want to throw my hands up and tell the lord to take me now, scientists have created "zombie" cells in the laboratory that can outperform living ones. I don't even know what that means but I just taped a knife to a mop handle to fend off whatever hell... / Continue →
  • November 15, 2011
    What you're looking at are incredibly thin pieces of lab-grown beef. Pretty appetizing, right? "They look like scabs with little pieces of Band-Aid stuck in them." Mmmmmmm, scabs. I just had one on my knee that was almost ready for harvest but it came off in the bed and I h... / Continue →
  • September 5, 2011
    This is a video of a group of ex-laboratory chimpanzees seeing daylight for the first time in their lives (for some, others since the capture from their mothers soon after birth) and most are over 20. Obviously, they're f***ing ecstatic to no longer be working (Labor Day tie-i... / Continue →
  • August 15, 2011
    Bro you keep eating like that and you're gonna need TWO b-holes. In an early step to fight incontinence (read: shitting yourself) scientists have successfully replaced multiple mice sphincters with functional, lab grown ones. The hope is that one day the technology can be sca... / Continue →
  • March 25, 2011
    The race: you lost it. In one of the first steps to rid the world of dudes, a group of feminist (no, not really) Japanese scientists have successfully grown mice sperm (I thought they looked like mice!) in the laboratory. Me? I only grow weed in the laboratory. Kidding! To... / Continue →
  • October 8, 2010
    This is parody song and music video for Flight of the Conchord's 'Most Beautiful Girl in the Room'. Except it's called 'Most Beautiful Girl in the Lab'. It does not do the original justice. Like, at all. It's real bad, folks. Just kidding, I've spent the last ten minutes m... / Continue →
  • April 8, 2010
    That's right folks, the periodic table is getting another new addition to the family. And apparently these super-heavy elements they're creating in the lab are getting stabler and stabler as atomic weight increases. Which gives me hope Geekologieum won't fly off the handle if... / Continue →
  • December 18, 2009
    This is a picture of Mario that was created in a petri dish at the University of Osaka in Japan. It's proof positive that the cure for cancer is just around the corner. So, how do you create a picture of Mario in a petri dish? It ain't paint by numbers! (It might actually be... / Continue →
  • June 2, 2009
    The world's strongest laser was unveiled in California last week. It's not actually a single laser though, it's 192 individual ones all focused on the same spot. Cheating! It's going to be used to ensure the US nuclear weapon stockpile is still functional in case Russia star... / Continue →
  • June 19, 2008
    First the diesel tree, and now oil bacteria. Several companies in Silicon Valley are racing to produce bacteria capable of excreting oil (black gold, Texas tea). What is most remarkable about what they are doing is that instead of trying to reengineer the global economy - a... / Continue →
  • May 8, 2008
    The Museum of Modern Art in New York recently had this installation, "Victimless Leather", on display. It's a coat made out of mouse embryonic stem cells. However, after just a month the coat was too large to continue growing in its flask and had to be killed. Now the creato... / Continue →
  • April 24, 2008
    Know anything about growing meat in a test tube? If so, bring it to market and PETA will award you with $1 million. I was so excited when I heard about the contest that I couldn't sleep. I stayed up all night in my basement laboratory banging test tubes together. But alas, ... / Continue →
  • March 19, 2008
    This is a picture of a stream of oil entering a pool of the same substance, bouncing off the bottom, and arcing back out. Normally a liquid stream colliding with a pool of liquid merges immediately upon contact, perhaps also bringing air into the pool with it. However when t... / Continue →