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  • January 6, 2015
    This is a video from a Lithuanian talent show of some guy who claims his skill is knife throwing, although I suspect his real talent is killing assistants. When attempting to knife giant playing cards out of his assistant's hands, he manages to hit him with the knives both tim... / Continue →
  • September 9, 2013
    Slingshot aficionado and addictive-voiced Joerg Sprave is back at it, this time with a custom made arrowhead that has two little knives that flip out from the point after entering a zombie's skull FOR MAXIMUM CEREBRAL DESTRUCTION. Maybe not as destructive as an arrowhead with ... / Continue →
  • August 29, 2013
    This is a video of ballerina Amélie Ségarra destroying a piano by dancing on top of it in knife-toed ballerina shoes. Although it's a lot less what you'd think of as dancing and a lot more what you'd think of as angry stabbing and screaming. I'm no therapist, but I sensed som... / Continue →
  • August 19, 2013
    This is a $60 set of Samurai sword kitchen knives designed by Fizz Creations and for sale at Gizoo. You get a chef's knife, bread knife, utility knife and paring knife, each in its own saya (scabbard). *drawing sword* DiGiorno pizza -- you burnt the roof of my mouth and sull... / Continue →
  • July 3, 2013
    FOX commissioned a campaign for 'Dexter' from creative agency Cakehead Loves (of Resident Evil butcher shop fame) to celebrate the show's last season, which starts airing this Sunday. So Cakehead Loves got together with Annabel of the Conjurer's Kitchen (and realistic chocolat... / Continue →
  • October 30, 2012
    This is Krang from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles carved out of a watermelon inside a pumpkin by artist Mike V. As you can see, he did an amazing job and clearly has the skills to pay the bills. Cover my electricity this month? Hit the jump for another angle and the concep... / Continue →
  • October 24, 2012
    This is a video of Youtube user hickok45 carving a pumpkin WITH BULLETS. He's a pretty good shot. Not as good as me, but they don't call me Dead Eye Dingaling for nothing. "I thought they called you that because you always pee your name in the snow." Well sure, but how much... / Continue →
  • October 15, 2012
    So apparently the Ukrainian navy is training dolphins for combat by attaching guns and knives to their heads to attack enemies. Wait -- the Ukraine has a navy? The program reportedly includes training dolphins to search for mines and marking them with buoys. But Ukraine also ... / Continue →
  • October 12, 2012
    This is a series of unbelievably impressive carved pumpkins on display as part of the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular at the Rodger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, Rhode Island. The Spectacular features over 5,000 carved pumpkins, but apparently only 100 or so are this impressive... / Continue →
  • October 9, 2012
    This is a series of carved pumpkins from Trevor Grove and the rest of the crew at Villafine Studios (of this Predator and one-ton pumpkin carving fame). They're ridiculous. They can carve pumpkins better than I could carve, well, pretty much anything. Although one time time ... / Continue →
  • August 20, 2012
    This is an army of 'Chef Cui' noodle-shaving robots designed and manufactured by Cui Runquan. The robots were designed to cut noodles from a block of dough cheaper and more efficiently than humans can. Plus today's youth don't want to work as noodle cutters. Kids! I spent t... / Continue →
  • June 5, 2012
    This is a video of Jorge Sprave demonstrating his latest and greatest way to accidentally kill/maim yourself, the throwing-knife shooting slingshot. Because why waste all your precious arm-power throwing throwing knives when you can shoot throwing knives? Not to mention it f... / Continue →
  • May 22, 2012
    To prove he's not just a one trick pony Nord, here's a video of slingshot aficionado Joerg Sprave with his homemade portable-drill powered steak knife chainsaw. It's not really a chainsaw though -- it's belt driven. Me? I'm chauffeur driven. "The bus doesn't count." Haha, ... / Continue →
  • November 20, 2008
    The Tomahawk Skull Gauntlet costs $40 and surprisingly doesn't have any customer reviews yet. Although I just wrote one. Unfortunately, it looks like it might be moderated first. Booo. UPDATE: Review is now up on the product page. With this gauntlet strapped to your arm the... / Continue →
  • October 20, 2008
    Well folks, it's that time of the year again. Time to break out the costume and hit the bars looking for a chick that wants to have sex with a ninja turtle. Surprisingly there aren't very many. But what better way to get into the spirit of Halloween than some geeky pumpkinry... / Continue →
  • March 5, 2008
    Here at Geekologie we've seen weird and disturbing knife-blocks in the past. Well to top them all is this prototype by Maarteen Baas. As you can see it's a man's head -- but with a bunch of damn knives sticking out of it. When my wife sees this she'll probably think it's fun... / Continue →