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  • February 15, 2013
    I never owned a Tamagotchi keychain pet in the 90's because I'm not a girl and I was born with absolutely zero nurturing instincts. But maybe you did have one. And maybe now you want to rekindle that feeling of a new pet dying every day and piss away your phone battery at the... / Continue →
  • July 28, 2011
    If you haven't noticed because you don't read every day AND OUGHT TO BE PRETTY DAMN ASHAMED OF YOURSELF, the server decided to blow chunks late last night and the eight most recent articles are all over the floor by the toilet. Not sure if we're gonna be able to paper-towel th... / Continue →
  • April 1, 2011
    Hang in there, Michelangelo! As reported back in June 2008, Chinese street vendors have been selling bagged keychain fish for awhile now, but have since also moved to keychain turtles. WTF!?!? Zombie Jonathan is probably crying his lil' turtle-liking heart out right now! ... / Continue →
  • August 20, 2010
    The KeyTool Keyring Multi-tool isn't just horribly named, it's functional. Combing the usefulness of a large screwdriver, medium screwdriver, small screwdriver, nail file, finger nail cleaner, bottle cap opener, wire cutter and tweezers, the key-sized tool (like yours!) is sur... / Continue →
  • April 3, 2010
    These $10 radioactive tritium glowing keyrings have probably existed forever and I'm just now finding out about them because I'm a jerk and don't even deserve to be the Geekologie Writer. Completely contained and self-powered Glows continuously for 10 years (even in 10 years ... / Continue →
  • January 28, 2010
    Unicorn shaped key covers: genius. As if my pockets could even contain any more magic! Once upon a time single-horned ponies were pretty hard to find and could only be caught by unethical means. Now you can snag our UniKeys Unicorn Key Caps merely by paying the modest price, ... / Continue →
  • August 3, 2009
    These LEGO minifigs aren't just any LEGO minifigs, these 2.5" sums of beeches have keychains growing out of their domes AND A WHITE LED IN EACH FOOT. Sounds like somebody grew up under power lines. Available this fall for around $9, their torsos are sadly not interchangeable.... / Continue →
  • July 13, 2009
    Sometimes it's the simplest things that are best. Like a bacon sandwich on a crisp morning or tricking a dinosaur into thinking another meteor is coming so you can bed it that night. And then there's this keyring. Which is both key AND keyring. What will they think of next?... / Continue →
  • March 26, 2009
    The 'Endless Beer' keychain is a little keychain that gives sad alcoholics everywhere the sensation of opening the same empty beer can over and over. Because honestly, what's more fun than disappointment (besides getting hit in the nuts by the space shuttle)? Available in Jun... / Continue →
  • December 19, 2008
    Want to carry a little companion cube with you wherever you go? No problem, thanks to Etsy seller donsolo's $22 companion cube keychains. Made with geeky love from .100" thick reclaimed aluminum. It measures 1.25" x 1.25" (about 3cm x 3cm). The surface has a brushed finish th... / Continue →
  • November 13, 2008
    Love edamame? Have no idea what edamame is? They're soybean pods. And the beans inside are delicious. Mmmm, soybeans, mmmm. Half the fun of eating them is kicking the scrumptious little bastards out of their pod home. Pop! Now you can get that feeling anywhere thanks to ... / Continue →
  • August 25, 2008
    Smart Goggles not only make you look cool, they help find stuff you've misplaced. To use the glasses, the wearer first wanders around a house or workplace for an hour or so, looking at the objects he or she may later want to find in a hurry. Each time the camera focuses on a ... / Continue →
  • November 29, 2007
    The Static Electricity Eliminator (SEE) is a little device from ThinkGeek that will remove the static charge you may be carrying. You touch the rubber end to anything that's grounded, and wait for the little face on the LCD screen to light up, indicating you're static free. The... / Continue →
  • November 15, 2007
    The Electronic Bubble Wrap Keychain from ThinkGeek ($10) is exactly what it sounds like. It's a little keychain with 8 buttons, and every time you push one it makes a popping noise like bubble wrap. For every 100 pops it rewards you with a round of applause or some other noise... / Continue →
  • November 15, 2007
    The Shocks Car Key ($51), from Bim Bam Banana, is a key fob that looks like it will unlock your car. Except it won't, it will just shock you. How in the hell you're supposed to find someone dumb enough to push the big red button on the side that says "SHOCK" is a mystery to me.... / Continue →
  • October 30, 2007
    The Keyport Key Holder is finally hitting the market. The damn things cost $295 (!) and will first be available only to those on the reserve list. Which, if you are on, is despicable. I mean $300? And why the hell does the thing have a key-ring dongle? What the hell is the matt... / Continue →
  • April 27, 2007
    The Keyport Slide is a universal key fob that stores your keys in a tiny rectangular case. Sliding modules push the keys out, and there's even an integrated RFID to allow for remote keyless entry. It's not out yet, but damn if it isn't a good idea. Although I doubt it'd fit all... / Continue →