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  • March 11, 2013
    This is a series of washable drinkware from Red Cup Living (you know, because SOLO cups are a lifestyle like Netflix) that look like the classic red kegger cups. They're not though, they're sturdier and dishwasher safe and cost $4-$10 per cup. Me? I'm afraid my keg partying... / Continue →
  • February 18, 2011
    Did somebody say beer pong and taco night? This is a travel beer pong table decorated with a bunch of epoxied Pokémon cards by Tom Sejkora's. DAMMIT TOM, GIVE IT TO ME STRAIGHT -- DID YOU HAVE ME OVER TO PLAY BEER PONG OR POKEMON? Twister?! You know I'm down. My inspirati... / Continue →
  • December 27, 2010
    Yes, yes I 100% am gonna put my mouth on that. The BottomsUP(!!!!!!!!!11) beer tap is basically a rip off of THIS soda machine. Except instead of dispensing diabetes juice, it dispenses golden happiness. Haha, no not urine you freakazoid. The idea of pouring beer from the... / Continue →
  • November 19, 2010
    Okay, so it's not really beer-cooled (unlike myself). Of course that wouldn't work anyway because I would drink your computer. But enough about my chemical dependencies, seen here doing his best Red Stripe "hooray beer!" impression, Ben Lzicar went and built himself a compute... / Continue →
  • September 23, 2010
    I, for one, would not be disappointed if I found a Guinness truck at the end of a rainbow. Sure a pot of gold and a weensy green man (who you could sell to the circus) would be cool too, but I can always appreciate beer. Did I say appreciate? I meant chug until I pass out. ... / Continue →