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  • October 1, 2015
    Because sometimes experiments don't need a hypothesis, this is a video of the Slow-Mo guys whacking different colored blobs of Jello with a tennis racket at 2,5000 frames/second. It cuts them into little square worms. You think they ate the Jello afterward? I would have, but... / Continue →
  • January 13, 2014
    Jello shots are basically nature's way of sneaking alcohol into your system without it noticing right away. And now Jeroen Domburg of SpritesMods has built a 3-D printer that can print basic shapes inside of them. They're sure to be a hit at your next sausage party. PI KAPPA... / Continue →
  • December 28, 2011
    Kraft Foods, best known for the mac & cheese you start making when you get home drunk and then pass out halfway through and wake up to a kitchen fire, is rolling out a vending machine that dispenses free samples BUT ONLY TO ADULTS. Like this Japanese vending machine, it uses f... / Continue →
  • July 20, 2011
    These are bullets made out of Jell-O. No clue what they used to make them look so metallic, but hopefully something I can separate from feces with a magnet. The bullets were made as part of the 2011 Jell-O Mold Competition, which is a real competition with real athletes. And... / Continue →
  • July 16, 2009
    To celebrate Bill Cosby's birthday on July 12th, artist Andrew Salamone made a portrait of the comedian using Jell-O shots. Which, I think we can all agree, is a fitting tribute. Does he still do those commercials? Damn, now I want a Jell-O Pudding Pop. Do they still make t... / Continue →
  • May 27, 2009
    Tired of trying to make zombie Jello molds out of aluminum foil? Well crinkle no more my friends, ThinkGeek is finally selling a quality zombie mold! It costs $15 and isn't dishwasher safe, but don't let that stop you from putting it in there anyway! You just tell that Mayta... / Continue →
  • April 29, 2008
    Festo is an industrial automation company that likes making weird shit that creeps me out. This is proof of that. It's a video of their AirJelly, which is a robotic jellyfish that runs on a lithium-ion battery, an electric motor, and a spot of helium. It reminds me of the "f... / Continue →
  • February 5, 2008
    Apparently The Brick Testament has been a work in progress for over six years, but I'd never been made aware of its existence before, so here it is. With over 3,600 scenes from the Bible, all the classics are illustrated in awesome LEGO detail. I looked through a bunch of the... / Continue →