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  • December 13, 2009
    Kayla Kromer, the maker of the infamous Hamburger Bed, is back at it, this time with a sweet Millenium Falcon joint. Which, true story, I once used to make the Kessel run in less than eleven parsecs IN MY SLEEP. Suck it Han, I own you more than Jabba did! Hit the jump for... / Continue →
  • March 31, 2009
    You know, or an alien bursting out of your chest. The Peekaru is an $80 vest that makes you look and feel like a wallaby. BOING BOING BOING! Look at you -- you're Tigger! Well, if Tigger were a kangaroo and didn't hang out with that Debby Downer Eeyore all the time (serious... / Continue →