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  • April 22, 2010
    In a vain attempt to wash the taste of sausage gravy and vomit out of my mouth, here's an OREO cookie that's 99% cream filling. Looks good doesn't it? No, it looks like me dry heaving over the kitchen sink so hard I just popped a blood vessel in my forehead. Now, I want you ... / Continue →
  • January 20, 2010
    Don't even act like you wouldn't swim in that creek. You'd probably even contemplate drowning on purpose AND I DON'T BLAME YOU. It's certainly not the worst way to go. Not the best either, but not the worst. These aren't paintings but true photos! Also everything you can se... / Continue →
  • July 7, 2009
    I think it's safe to say we would all eat that, but I would go the extra mile and lick the pit. Happy lunching! Picture [flickr] Thanks, son, now go to your room. Mommy and daddy are going to wrestle.... / Continue →