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  • October 4, 2010
    Francisco Everardo Oliveira Silva, a 45-year old illiterate Brazilian man best known for his portrayal of Tiririca the clown, just won a place in Brazilian Congress with more than 2x the votes as the next closest candidate. JOKES: YES WE CAN. Tiririca caught the attention of ... / Continue →
  • May 26, 2009
    This is a sneak preview of the 3rd generation Kindle robot book. It's pretty much exactly what I expect to see Amazon roll out next year. And speaking of rolling out -- transform! I said transform! *touching breast* Stupid mannequin. The Kindle 3 [collegehumor] Thanks t... / Continue →
  • February 13, 2009
    After 30 years, Batwoman is back on the prowl. As a redhead! And a lesbian! YOW YOW! Billed as a 'lesbian socialite by night and a crime-fighter by later in the night', she replaces Batman, who was himself killed off in a recent issue of Detective Comics, the publication wh... / Continue →
  • August 1, 2008
    That's right all you Rowling/Potter fanboys, it's time to get excited. The Tales of Beedle the Bard, a $4 million book handmade by the sorceress herself, is being made into an accurate reproduction collector's edition. It'll cost $100 and be available on December 4th. So wha... / Continue →