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  • January 3, 2013
    This is a worthwhile video of a Melbourne, Australia fireworks show viewed in reverse. No screepcap can really do it justice though, so I suggest you at least watch a little bit of it. A lot of the fireworks reminded me of those little shooting stars you see in your vision af... / Continue →
  • November 1, 2012
    This is a helicopter inspired hair sculpture created by New York City artist Olaf Breuning. It's awesome, but I think the little thing on her nose is a little over the top. Like, I would have still known it was a helicopter without that. The heart earrings were a solid addit... / Continue →
  • April 15, 2008
    In this world there are two kinds of things: those that are awesome, and those that make me want to kill myself. This is an awesome one. AN AWESOMELY AWsome one. That was me yelling. I know, I'm a little hoarse (but not the kind that kids ride around at birthday parties, th... / Continue →