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  • March 17, 2014
    Note: Some NSFW language. I cannot tell you how many times I've almost died. I'd say it's in the thousands. I'm starting to wonder if I'm immortal, but none of my friends are brave enough to run me through with a pirate cutlass to find out. Maybe one of them will grow some ... / Continue →
  • June 9, 2011
    Seen here trying to win an invisible limbo contest, an Argentinian jet pilot flies an FMA IA 63 Pampa (I would've called it the Puma) straight into a group of people. I'm genuinely surprised nobody got sucked into an engine, it was that close. Because one time I got sucked in... / Continue →
  • January 13, 2011
    **Satisfaction never guaranteed. This is a video entitled 'Nintendo: A Sad Story'. Which, while definitely sad, is even more disturbing. And as a man who already had to sleep under the bed last night due to suspected ghost activity, and I'll be damned if I have to crawl unde... / Continue →
  • December 13, 2010
    You see each one of those little silver dots? They're all quarters. Like, at least thirty of them. I know, I could really use some for laundry too. Having to move my dirty-clothes pile outside because it started to stink so bad aside, this is an impressive video game themed... / Continue →
  • December 8, 2010
    Pranks: funny. Pranks where somebody can get seriously injured: hilarious. You should have seen the time I balanced a hammer on the sill above the apartment door and waiting for my roommate to come home. Now he has a stuttering problem and trouble dressing himself -- LOL! K... / Continue →
  • September 28, 2010
    Note: Two super high-res shots HERE (full back) and HERE (closeup). I know some of you don't care because you can't appreciate the finer more permanent things in life, but I'm obsessed with Avatar tattoo guy (you Albertans must really be proud!). And not just because of his e... / Continue →