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  • October 10, 2014
    What the f***? I should have retired years ago. This is a video of Japanese virtual pop star Hatsune Miku performing her smash-bang hit 'Sharing The World' on the Late Show with David Letterman. You think she's allowed to perform simultaneous shows in different cities on the... / Continue →
  • May 19, 2014
    This is a video of Michael Jackson's hologram performing 'Slave To The Rhythm' at yesterday's 2014 Billboard Music Awards. He looked pretty lifelike. So lifelike I'm not convinced it wasn't actually Michael Jackson. Maybe he finally got bored of pretending to be dead and jus... / Continue →
  • June 28, 2013
    This is a video demo of the Leia Display System. Like other similar systems being developed, it projects video on a wall of barely visible fog to give the illusion of a hologram floating in space. That's also why they called it the Leia, after Princess Leia. Granted i don't... / Continue →
  • July 30, 2012
    Some crazy Russian nutjob claims we'll achieve human immortality by 2045. Just...not in the way that you think. Unless you thought you'd have a holographic body controlled by your brain in a jar, in which case remind me to destroy my mind with drugs and alcohol so they can't ... / Continue →
  • May 18, 2012
    This is a LEGO Star Wars toy display with some holographic video effects. Do they have them at Toys R Us? No clue, I got banned from the nearest one for bicycle jousting in the store. Dammit, I was gonna buy something! No I wasn't. I was gonna peg my friend with a dodgebal... / Continue →
  • April 16, 2012
    Note: Song contains a healthy portion of dirty words. This is a video of a VERY impressive holographic Tupac (move over Jem!) performing at the Coachella music festival over the weekend. Not gonna lie, he looks pretty real. Almost TOO real. "You're suggesting it's really hi... / Continue →
  • August 19, 2011
    Seen here soliciting a wave from a young passenger, a member of a Paris airport's holographic staff welcomes flyers aboard their flight. GOOD -- I hate those real workers. *stuffing little brother in suitcase* In Paris, one major airport is piloting a test program that repla... / Continue →
  • April 15, 2011
    Burberry, a company best known for f***ing plaid (houndstooth FTW), recently held a runway show in Beijing featuring holographic models. Which, fun fact: eat just as much as real ones. DAMMIT JEM, YOU TELL THAT BAND OF YOURS TO POUND SOME CHEESE-FRIES, STAT! Admittedly, the ... / Continue →
  • November 11, 2010
    This is a video of a Hatsune Miku concert in Japan. Only thing is, Hatsune Miku isn't a real person. Or even a robot like you'd expect from Japan. Nope, she's a 3-D hologram. Pfft, Jem did it 20 years ago. Hatsune Miku is a rising star in Japan and abroad, singing catchy J... / Continue →
  • November 4, 2010
    Oh I'm sorry -- did I catch you just getting out of the shower again? Don't worry, I'll look away (as soon as I hit record on my webcam), I swear. Hey -- and what's up with all the BEEP BOOP BOP-ing in the background? WHY IS THAT TRASHCAN IN YOUR BEDROOM?! A University of A... / Continue →
  • October 22, 2010
    "Ha, what isn't too deep for you, GW?" Dino butts, that's what. Now, strap on your WTF helmets and prepare to have your minds blown anydamnway. Researchers at Fermilab are building a "holometer" so they can disprove everything you thought you knew about the universe. The u... / Continue →
  • August 10, 2009
    That's right folks, a fully functional Holodeck may be just around the corner. Using a combination of hologram and ultrasound technologies, a group of Japanese scientists have created a touchable, feelable 3-D image. Imagine the possibilities! I'm looking at you, Princess Le... / Continue →
  • March 1, 2009
    This is artist Bill McMullen's concept of what an R2-D2 boombox might look like if George Lucas had actually marketed some cool Star Wars merchandise instead of all the crap I still bought anyways. Unfortunately, this R2-Boom2 doesn't actually work, making it infinitely less u... / Continue →
  • August 25, 2008
    iHologram for the iPhone is an application made by David O'Reilly that creates the illusion of a 3-D cat walking around in your phone. iHologram combines anamorphosis and the iPhone's gyroscopes to achieve this awesome visual magic trick. Anamorphosis is a way to draw thin... / Continue →
  • August 5, 2008
    This is a video of Obscura Digital demonstrating their multi-touch software with Musion's Eyeliner 3D holographic projector. It's pretty neat. But you know what? I'm getting sick and tired of all these multi-touch demos where it seems the extent of what you can so is shuffle... / Continue →
  • July 1, 2008
    Lamperd Less Lethal's T3 Mobile Defender wasn't inspired by T3:Rise of The Machines, but it does look like the bastard lovechild of a Segway and the Big Wheels I had growing up. But with one worthwhile difference -- a powerful air gun and holographic sight system. The aiming ... / Continue →
  • April 28, 2008
    Remember the Holographic Vaio Zoom laptop concept from awhile back? Pretty titillating wasn't it? I wanted one. Did you want one? If you did maybe we could start a club. You know, something with a secret handshake. My dad said we could even use the storage shed out back a... / Continue →
  • April 22, 2008
    We've seen promising holographic technologies here at Geekologie before, but nothing with the sexy interactive potential of this thing. The people at LM3Labs have created a hologram technology that can be controlled by hand, arm and (presumably) penis gestures. The system is ... / Continue →
  • February 1, 2008
    Sony recently installed this holographic water display in Tokyo to hype the upcoming film Water Horse: Legend of the Deep aka Puff The Magic Water Dragon II. I think it's about a boy who has no friends except the Loch Ness monster. Great premise. I bet the dragon's secret ge... / Continue →
  • September 20, 2007
    The Vaio Zoom notebook concept was created by designer Eno Setiawan. The idea is that the notebook is entirely holographic. When off, the screen is clear glass and the keyboard is an expansive of beautiful black shine. When you turn it on the keyboard, screen, and mouse butt... / Continue →