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  • April 16, 2015
    This is a commercial from Japanese anime network Animax for a hands-free phone holder that looks like a swan head protruding from your crotch. It also looks like a giant penis. Apparently the commercial was made for April Fools' Day, although I can't imagine anybody actually ... / Continue →
  • June 13, 2014
    This a short video of a 'hands-free snacking and gaming device' developed by the folks at Mattessons snack foods. It is a complete disaster. Obviously, it's just a viral ad for Mattessons products, but also, A VISION OF THE FUTURE. I don't need crystal balls to know where th... / Continue →
  • May 20, 2014
    Raise your hand if you've shit yourself in the past month. I have not (although if I had said two months it would be different). I've had lots of SCARES (mostly farts that turned evil at the end), but no real accidents. Enter UrbanUndercover (currently a nearly-funded Kickst... / Continue →
  • July 26, 2012
    You start installing $800 toilet paper dispensers and I'm gonna start ripping them off the wall and selling them on the black market. Just keeping it real! Because nobody wants to touch something that somebody else with butthole-fingers just touched, this is the Camitool Auto... / Continue →
  • June 18, 2010
    Hat Cams are perfect for the spy who doesn't really understand spying. I'm looking at you, Mr. Bond. You couldn't spy your way out of a wet-paper bag with a laser watch and bow-tie camera! Also, go get tested. Hat Cams are $30 hats with a standard camera mount attached to t... / Continue →
  • April 8, 2010
    The Toe Mouse is the brainchild of Liu Yi and was designed for people who have lost the use of their arms. Oooooor for people who like to masturbate with both hands (I'm on to you!). Toe Mouse! [engadget] Thanks to Mr John and rivermind, who are holding out for knee mice. L... / Continue →
  • November 4, 2009
    First of all, I thought we all agreed to call it H1N1 or the swine flu and NOT the Mexican Flu. Geez, no need to point fingers. Obvious racism aside, Belgian telecommunications company Telenet has suggested a way to shake hands in which we can still greet each other, but with... / Continue →
  • September 11, 2009
    Who the hell would actually want to talk to their hand like in the picture is beyond me (where do I sign up?), but Argentinian design team BCK designed this set of rings to use as a Bluetooth headset handset. Also, anybody else notice how the thumb above the ring was drawn in,... / Continue →
  • August 14, 2009
    This isn't the first hands-free umbrella we've ever seen, but it does rank right up there with the stupidest (you're going to get one, aren't you?). The Shoulderbrella is a $25 flexible dong that attaches to the end of any umbrella so that you can form it around your shoulder f... / Continue →
  • June 12, 2009
    The Comfort Wipe is an 18" arm extender/wad of toilet paper holder for use when you can't reach your own ass or don't like your digits coming into contact with your butthole (you're doing it wrong!). Interesting. Also, I want to know the "advantages" of being big the hefty du... / Continue →
  • January 29, 2009
    Allegedly this robo-urinal holds your junk while you pee. For once in my life I'm really praying it's a Photoshop job or some really sick art project. You know the rule about having at least a urinal of separation between you and another dude in the bathroom? Well there are ... / Continue →
  • January 21, 2009
    I've got the feeling this has existed forever, but just in case it hasn't, here it is -- the $36 Beer Pouch Sweatshirt with Hood. Finally! You can carry around a beer while leaving your hands free to high five a complete stranger in the stands, carry more beer, or operate yo... / Continue →
  • January 20, 2009
    Looking for a $95 wooden iPhone holder that looks like a hand? Well look no further, you eccentric bastard you, here she blows! This custom hand carved iPhone Holder is one-of-one worldwide! Wow you Apple loving friend with this ultra-exclusive accessory. The precise carving ... / Continue →
  • November 20, 2008
    Hell no this doesn't have anything to do with gadgets or gizmos, but it is awesome. In a "boy, I'm really glad I'm not that guy" kind of way. Long story short: a man pleasuring himself with a jar of pasta sauce led cops on a low speed chase in Australia. Long story long: A ... / Continue →
  • November 20, 2008
    The Tomahawk Skull Gauntlet costs $40 and surprisingly doesn't have any customer reviews yet. Although I just wrote one. Unfortunately, it looks like it might be moderated first. Booo. UPDATE: Review is now up on the product page. With this gauntlet strapped to your arm the... / Continue →
  • September 18, 2008
    Some guy went and made himself a steampunk Bluetooth headset to accentuate his tophat and monocle. The fully functional earpiece is made out of Sculpey clay with watch parts stuck in it. And whether you're a fan of steampunk styling or not, I think we can all agree that I wis... / Continue →
  • September 16, 2008
    This hands-free cellphone holder was designed by Francesca Lanzavecchia and doubles as an excuse to park in handicapped spots. It comes complete with a stretchable rubber skin that fits over it so you can store your phone and cigarettes in there when not in use. Seems pretty ... / Continue →
  • July 28, 2008
    PRS 25 is rock-paper-scissors with 25 different gestures, also known as rock, paper, scissors, gun, dynamite, nuke, devil, laser, alien, moon, snake, sponge, cardboard, spoon, candle, dragon, geekologie writer, bowl, water, magic, dagger, tank, air, something, nachos, leopard, ... / Continue →
  • July 17, 2008
    The Connect-A-Desk is a $40 hands-free laptop desk that hangs from your neck. It was designed to make you look cool and I think it's safe to say it's working perfectly. My tipster, Kenny, had this to say about the device: hey man, saw this on thinkgeek, and figured youd fin... / Continue →
  • December 27, 2007
    The SmartNav is a system designed to control a mouse cursor with your head. You set the scary looking thing on top of your monitor, slap a reflective dot on your head, and you're good to go. Unfortunately you're not good to click on things, so you'll have to install a foot pe... / Continue →