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  • October 29, 2015
    This is the PowerPoint presentation Redditor michaelsiemsen's son made to convince his parents to let him buy Grand Theft Auto V. Did It work? Not on me it didn't. I read the whole thing and decided he's better off with Minecraft. "But--" TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT, SON. Keep go... / Continue →
  • October 8, 2015
    This is a video from Grand Theft Auto V fanatic BlackSmoke Billy demonstrating the car-launching power of the different ramp trucks he built in-game. It was fun to watch. Like a sporting event where everybody's team wins. Can you think of any sport where everybody's team rea... / Continue →
  • June 9, 2015
    This is a worthwhile video of Grand Theft Auto gameplay imagined in real life. I see a lot of these 'in real life' videos (usually sent to me by the creators pretending to be people who just stumbled across the videos on Youtube) but they really did a great job with this one, ... / Continue →
  • November 18, 2014
    Wow, with a face like that who could say no? NOTE: Video is entirely NSFW from 1:30 to 3:30 on account of simulated sex acts and dirty talk. I blushed and I'm home alone. Also, don't watch the end either. People are monsters. With the release of Grand Theft Auto V on the X... / Continue →
  • August 12, 2013
    Since everybody's getting excited to piss away all their sick-days when Grand Theft Auto V is released next month, here's a video of a GTA IV mod that lets you drive a piano. As a bonus, somebody added Vanessa Carlton's 'A Thousand Miles' as the soundtrack. It was all very to... / Continue →
  • July 9, 2013
    This is the official five-minute gameplay footage trailer from Rockstar for the September 17th release of Grand Theft Auto V. It looks...pretty expansive. You can rob banks, fly planes, go sea diving, skydiving, hunting, play tennis, golf, go bicycling, shoot everything in si... / Continue →
  • November 2, 2011
    Smog: the breakfast of broken dreams. This is the trailer for Grand Theft Auto 5, hot off the press. It looks pretty promising and takes place here in (a fictional) Los Angeles, so chances are high Rockstar will make me a non-playable character. Now listen, because this is i... / Continue →
  • October 25, 2011
    Because we live in a world where ANNOUNCING an upcoming trailer for a video game is news, Rockstar will be dropping a video for Grand Theft Auto 5 next week on November, 2nd. Truthfully, I only wrote this so next week when I'm going through the previous week's posts hating mys... / Continue →
  • March 29, 2011
    This is The Game Station's sequel to their Brothers Mario trailer, again in the style of a Grand Theft Auto game. It's good. This one focuses on a new don moving to town (don Key Kong!!!!!!11) and demanding a piece of Bowser's action. The rest is history explosions and chees... / Continue →
  • December 15, 2010
    Note: MUST-SEE video after the jump has a couple (literally, a couple) dirty words. This is an incredibly well made trailer for The Brothers Mario, a make-believe Mario game in the style of a Grand Theft Auto. Admittedly, I'd play the hell out of it. Also, the skin flute pro... / Continue →
  • December 22, 2009
    A Boston mother (think terrier, but human-er) recently called 911 on her 14-year old son after finding him playing video games at 2:30 one morning, long after she had told him to go to bed. Nice, but I would have just belted the shit out of him because I know good parenting. ... / Continue →
  • November 11, 2009
    Youtube user daneboe, the same guy who created the Contra vs. Duck Hunt and Mortal Kombat vs. Donkey Kong videos is back at it, this time with some Grand Theft Auto vs. Frogger action (and bonus Sonic vs. Pac-Man after the jump!). And, as I've come to expect, they are awesome.... / Continue →
  • August 29, 2008
    What better way is there to celebrate Lil Derrick's 4th birthday than with a violence packed video game and a couple strippers? Exactly, none. But seeing how GTA: San Andreas came out a while ago, I imagine Lil Derrick is probably a little older now. So, from all of us here ... / Continue →
  • June 20, 2008
    Well it's been a little while since we've seen some sweet Pixeloo untoonage here on Geekologie. And since today is Friday and I'm already six dryer sheets to the wind, I figured now is as good a time as any to take light some romantic candles and take a milk bath. While not r... / Continue →
  • June 5, 2008
    Well folks, it's been awhile since I've showered or posted any custom shoes, so I guess now is as good a time as any to release the hounds with another set of custom footwear. The Optimus Prime ones there are admittedly awesome as hell and I'd totally give my left nut (well, o... / Continue →
  • May 13, 2008
    These are side-by-side comparison shots of New York City and Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto 4. New York is on the left, Liberty on the right. As you can see, they share some pretty similar architecture. But seriously, all 911 conspiracy theories aside, I couldn't find my f... / Continue →