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  • September 23, 2015
    This is a video of rocket propelled grenades blowing through layer after layer of bulletproof glass. There is no stopping them. So if you were thinking about bringing bulletproof glass to an RPG fight, I would reconsider. I'm also reconsidering giving my elderly apartment ne... / Continue →
  • July 2, 2012
    Note: I cut the thread to prevent the homepage from being a mile long, click the jump to see the whole, worthwhile thing. This is a /b/ thread from 4chan documenting a user's discovery of a grenade in the forest. It's amazing. I love how nobody gives a shit what happens to th... / Continue →
  • March 15, 2012
    "Thank you, SKYNET. Thank you for giving me life." Alternatively, "TOUCHDOWN, HOKIES!" So apparently my alma mater Virginia Tech is in cahoots with the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory to develop and test a robot capable of throwing grenades to extinguish fires. Granted I th... / Continue →
  • May 5, 2011
    Chess, a game best known for ending with me sweeping all the pieces off the board and threatening to stab my opponent, is played worldwide. Including while at war in Afghanistan. But what do you do if you're stationed there and don't have a set? "Make one out of dead spiders... / Continue →
  • April 7, 2011
    Unpleated khakis FTW! Seen here looking suspiciously like a vibrator, an employee of Taser International shows off the company's latest creation -- a 50,000-volt taser grenade. Oh, hold on -- I'm being asked to reiterate THAT THIS IS NOT A SEXTOY. Ha! I'll be the judge of t... / Continue →
  • December 4, 2010
    Remember the XM-25 Smartgun we've reported on in the past? Of course not, you can't even remember where you parked your car at the mall. BY MACY'S NOT BLOOMINGDALES YOU DINGALING. Anyway, the XM-25 is officially in the hands of troops in Afghanistan and shoots grenades that ... / Continue →
  • June 4, 2010
    F*** I'm getting good at titles. Wanna blow some shit up? You should seek therapy. I jest, pyrotechnics are a natural part of man's being. Like electronics and trying to put your wiener in everything that isn't nailed down. And some that are. I'm looking at you, birdhouse... / Continue →
  • April 12, 2010
    Finally, hand grenade oil lamps. Available with gold, silver and natural finishes, each grenade will set you back $65 ($55 for natural), and possibly on fire. Alternatively, go to an army surplus store and buy a decommissioned grenade for $5-$10 and make your own. But do not... / Continue →
  • April 9, 2010
    Remember the chocolate weaponry we featured awhile ago? Well now the same company is manufacturing weapon soap. Probably from the same molds as the chocolate. I'd still wash my mouth out with it. Also, b-hole. Don't act like you've never lost one of those little seashell s... / Continue →
  • March 24, 2010
    Pacman, no longer content with just eating his enemies, is now equipped to blow the shit out of them. And I'm not talking about in a gas station bathroom either, although you have to admit he does have a pretty mouth. Uncle Sam Sticks It to The Terrorists with the Pacman Gr... / Continue →
  • March 19, 2010
    This is a little informational graphic explaining how grenades work. And don't worry -- you're not the only one who thought there was an explosive genie trapped inside. I'm right here with you. Which reminds me, did I ever tell you about the time a group of ruthless terroris... / Continue →