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  • September 16, 2009
    For those of you who don't know, Yaddle is a female Jedi of Yoda's species (whatever the hell those green freaks are). And what you're about to see, if you're brave enough to hit the jump, is a homemade lovemaking aid featuring a picture of Yaddle and a green Fleshlight. And ... / Continue →
  • February 25, 2009
    Contrary to popular belief (and this sweet white jacket), I am not a medical expert. Apparently that Katsucon chick has some condition. I just thought she was a witch. Please accept this apology for being a dick and feel free to stone me if it makes you feel better. But rem... / Continue →
  • February 17, 2009
    LG is planning on dropping a solar-powered cell phone on the mobile communications market so you'll no longer need a wall charger to power your communication device. You just need a sunny park bench, a loaf of bread, and a flock of trained pigeons. BAM -- did my level of gree... / Continue →