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  • June 29, 2012
    Note: Pads are actually worn INSIDE underwear. Also: is that a man or a woman? I remember posting the patent for these things way back in 2007 when you and I were still wearing diapers. And now, in 2012, they're a real product you can buy and stuff down the back of your unde... / Continue →
  • June 4, 2012
    These are some Zelda, Pokemon and Portal themed gasmasks from DeviantARTist TwoHornsUnited. Me? I have a new German-issued gasmask just in case shit hits the fan. "Be prepared," my dad always told me. Also, "Stop riding your bike inside the house." Why on earth you'd need ... / Continue →
  • January 18, 2011
    I have a German-issued gas mask that I keep on my bookshelf in case shit hits the fan and starts splattering everywhere and smelling all ooky. That one's functional. This one, not so much. But it does look kinda cool in an apocalyptic sort of way. This is a pure silver ri... / Continue →