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  • September 22, 2011
    Sexy finger-biting: you give it a bad name. In between getting boned or whatever scenes, p0rn stars Alana Evans and Misti Dawn are apparently hard core gamers. So what are they doing? Opening a website that combines video game reviews, playthroughs and a bunch of other garbo... / Continue →
  • May 12, 2011
    This is a picture of a chick that got the Half-Life lambda logo cut out (link to way more brutal scarification post) of her leg. At least I think it's a chick. If it's not a chick those are the smoothest man-legs I've ever seen. Besides mine. I went in for a Brazilian wax a... / Continue →
  • October 8, 2010
    This is a fake commercial for Halo Reach using the XBox's Kinect motion controls. And speaking of XBox's motion controls: I got the chance to demo the technology and it wouldn't stop mistaking my wiener for a leg. True story. Half-true story. Okay, you got me: what's Kinect... / Continue →
  • September 13, 2010
    This is a song/music video entitled 'Geek and Gamer Girls' (another Katy Perry 'California Girls' parody) by Team Unicorn. I thought that one chick in the back right was Evangeline Lilly for the longest time aside, allegedly Team Unicorn is a group of real-life gamer girls whi... / Continue →