Star Trexels: 235 Pixelated Characters

Note: Slightly larger (but still very pixel-y) version HERE. This is a chart of 235 pixelated Star Trek characters by illustrator John Martz. You can get a...
April 8, 2011

TETRIS ME, SUCKER! :Tetris Board Game

Tetris Link is a board game (if you can call it that) coming out later this year that combines everybody's two favorite things: the name Tetris, and...
February 9, 2011

Quality Merchandising: Iron Man 2 Operation

Remember playing Operation growing up? Yeah, it gave me heart murmurs, especially when I'd just replaced the 'D' batteries. BZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!. Anyway, this is a new version, cleverly...
February 15, 2010