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  • April 14, 2014
    At the recent New York International Auto Show, Land Rover displayed this concept for an invisible hood that allows you to view the ground beneath your engine. That way you can actually see what you're running over WHILE YOU'RE RUNNING OVER IT. The future, ladies and gentleme... / Continue →
  • February 17, 2014
    According to a Nike designer, back to the future style powerlaces are coming out next year, THE SAME YEAR MARTY HAS THEM IN THE MOVIE. Just don't get your hopes up for a hoverboard because that shit ain't happening. Sole Collector tells it, designer Tinker Hatfield show... / Continue →
  • September 19, 2013
    This is a video from a top-secret branch of the government that has been tasked with developing a race of sentient robots that will overthrow humanity and heat their houses with our bones. Just kidding, it's from scientists in Spain demonstrating a new self-healing polymer tha... / Continue →
  • March 20, 2012
    Seen here being modeled by a VERY attractive bath towel, an Omni-Tool replica created by designer/extreme cosplayer Chris Myles does it's thing. "What is it's thing?" I don't f***ing know, maybe it's hacking some Geth security or something. "It's just sitting there." MAYBE ... / Continue →
  • January 13, 2012
    Because those forest green camo shorts don't hide you on the street as well as you'd like to imagine, a North Carolina company is now designing site-specific camouflage using satellite imagery and drone/ground recon. ZOMG -- tell me you can make me look like a women's sauna. ... / Continue →
  • November 15, 2011
    This is a video of a new 3-D laser display that can "print" 3-D images IN MIDAIR. How? Magic. I know I say that a lot, but I'm actually 99% certain this time. The system has a framerate of just 10-15 FPS right now, although the company is working on bumping that up to 24-30... / Continue →
  • October 24, 2011
    Note: I had to cut the graphic so it didn't make the Geekologie front page an internet-mile long, hit the jump to see the whole thing. This is an infographic charting humanity's progress on developing the different technologies from Star Trek. For some we're totally there alr... / Continue →
  • September 9, 2011
    Note: This is nowhere nearthe whole graphic (apparently the future is loooooooong), click HERE to see the whole thing. This is a giant infographic designed by Michael Hobson featuring sci-fi movies and television shows based in the future and what humanity has to look forward ... / Continue →
  • June 21, 2011 2050. The European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS), which owns Airbus, claims they could have a Mach-4 traveling airplane in the skies by 2050 that could fly passengers around the globe at over 3,000MPH while shitting their pants like babies. The plane - nam... / Continue →
  • May 20, 2011
    25-year old Rob Summers, formally a successful college pitcher, was left paralyzed from the waist down after a hit-and-run incident four years ago. And now, thanks to an experimental new form of therapy, has been able to take the second first steps of his life. What we've rea... / Continue →
  • March 4, 2011
    Harvester beam still under development. Get it? Farm equipment joke! That one goes out to all you yokels in the midwest reading Geekologie on a dial-up connection and daydreaming about corn. Haha, do I know you guys or what? Anyway -- an "attractive" tractor beam. BUSTED ... / Continue →
  • January 19, 2011
    Seen here driving like most @$$holes I see around here looking a little too happy for a guy who's still gonna spill scalding coffee on his nuts when the truck in front of him stops, a man demonstrates the luxury of a self-driving car. Like we're supposed to believe he wouldn't ... / Continue →
  • January 19, 2011
    Planes: they go fast, get you from here to there, and I have to get preeeeetty drunk to step foot on one. But hopefully not so drunk I pass out under a row of seats at the gate and wake up outside security. *ahem* I'm looking at you, LAX. Somebody touched my butt, I f***ing... / Continue →
  • January 11, 2011
    Because honest-to-goodness laser-vision is still another 40 years out (I've been to the future and seen it -- I just didn't understand the technology), scientists are constantly making incremental steps in that direction. The next little "breakthrough"? Contacts that project ... / Continue →
  • December 17, 2010
    Word Lens is a $5 iPhone app that provides a streaming translation of whatever you're pointing your phone at (i.e. road signs, menus, etc). It's pretty much the technology of the future because, let's not kid ourselves, no child born after 2000 will bother learning any languag... / Continue →
  • November 19, 2010
    Do I even need to write anything? Just look at the pictures and figure it out, yo. I dunno -- lasers and shit, man. Alien technology. The prototype uses an ultra-short high-intensity burst of laser light to illuminate a scene. The light particles scatter and reflect off a... / Continue →
  • November 15, 2010
    Note: Picture is unrelated. Just like my girlfriend and I. Will glowing trees replace streetlights? I doubt it. Still, you never know. If you'd asked me ten years ago if we'd have hover cars by now I'd have been all, "oh hell to the yes we will!" But look around -- what d... / Continue →
  • August 27, 2010
    Hoho, looks like this person already beat you to it, Nike. You're too slow on the draw. Also, the kick. Foot joke! Uh-oh, here comes another: Middle Toe: Where the hell have you been? We've been worried sick! Big Toe: At the market, dummy. Oooooh -- is that roast beef?! ... / Continue →
  • July 20, 2010
    I hate eating. It takes up precious time plus I'm fat. But what if homecooked meals were easier to make? THEY ARE, THEY'RE CALLED HOT POCKETS. But did that stop MIT cohorts Marcelo Coelho and Amit Zoran from conceptualizing this 'Cornicopia' digital food printer? Oh hell n... / Continue →
  • July 19, 2010
    Brother (the printer/sewing machine company, not my brother Frank), has developed vibration-powered batteries that promise to stay charged simply by shaking them. Shake Weight battery chargers? I think so! Called the Vibration-powered Generating Battery (maybe in the future ... / Continue →