Woopsie Doopsie: Naked Man In Kid's Fashion Ad

This is a screenshot from French clothing retailer La Redoute's website advertising kid's t-shirts. Aaaaaaaaaand they used a product shot with a dude's wiener in it. I...
January 5, 2012

French 'Rent-A-Girlfriend' Website A Success

Apparently a new rent-a-girlfriend (not to be confused with rent-a-gamerfriend) website in France is causing a stir, with some claiming it's a glorified escort service, and others...
February 11, 2011

40 Gallons To Freedom: DIY Wine Machines

Let's face it: the French love their wine (Me? I love other peoples'). And can you blame them? It's like bitter grape juice for adults. Plus --...
September 16, 2010