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  • January 5, 2011
    Crash and burn freeze! Look outside, what do you see -- snow? No? Just a masked man mashing a dog turd under your car door handle? Haha, yeah I paid him to do that. Also, let the air out of your tires. This is a fallen AT-AT snow fort allegedly built by a man for his chil... / Continue →
  • December 17, 2010
    This is a zombie-proof armored "home" made from recycled ship steel by Atelier Van Lieshout. It's striking resemblance to my neighbor's pedovan aside, I don't know if I could actually live in one. Sure it's got a toilet, wood stove and bench, but you know what else it has? A... / Continue →
  • June 21, 2010
    Geekologie Reader Brandon of Little Mountain Productions recently helped build this Millennium Falcon play-fort topper for 9-year old Christian as part of a Make-A-Wish Foundation wish-granting. Good lookin', guys. Per Brandon: We are delivering this to 9 year old Christian ... / Continue →
  • January 9, 2009
    CLICK HERE FOR FULL SIZE IMAGE Remember the new presidential limo that Cadillac designed to be PEW PEW proof? Well it's been approved for use starting January 20th and is jam-packed with all kinds of exciting features like extra presidential blood (I'm not kidding) and 8-inch ... / Continue →
  • October 31, 2008
    So apparently what scientists are dubbing the 'Cave of Crystals' was discovered 1,000ft beneath the Chiihuahua Desert in Mexico. Up to 170 giant, luminous obelisks - the biggest is 37.4ft long and the equivalent height of six men - jut across the grotto like tangled pillars of... / Continue →
  • August 26, 2008
    Steve Norris, vying for a Father Of The Year award, built an awesome treehouse for his two sons in a 58-year old silver maple. It's equipped with electricity and cable TV. There's an intercom so Norris can talk to his kids if they're having a sleepover, and a urinal that drain... / Continue →
  • July 29, 2008
    Want the T.I.E. Fighter model that was used in Star Wars: A New Hope? The one that hit Vader's ship? Well now you can, it's on eBay. 903. Original T.I.E. Fighter filming miniature and original camera reports from Star Wars: A New Hope. (TCF, 1977) During the nail-biting ass... / Continue →
  • February 27, 2008
    Let's be honest, if you didn't make forts out of blankets and pillows when you were a kid then you're either lying or had the shittiest childhood ever. And now, since you can use power tools and build things -- you can construct a sweet adult version. Built to store books and... / Continue →