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  • May 3, 2016
    This is a flowchart created by the folks at Sharkbomb Game Design Services to use to see where you fit in for a career in video game development. You can buy a print of the thing HERE in case you're looking for that perfect flowchart to decorate your cubicle wall. My cubicle ... / Continue →
  • February 18, 2014
    Note: Larger version HERE just in case you have one of those home phones with the giant number buttons made for grandparents. This is a flowchart made by the folks at Silver Oak Online Casino (who surprisingly don't just suggest you only play online poker) of how to pick the p... / Continue →
  • January 18, 2013
    Because it's Friday and the internet is drying up drier than the furball I found behind the couch when I was vacuuming (plus it was like, glued to the carpet and I had to loosen it with a bare toe -- thanks for that, Shitty Bill!), here's Gandalf's problem solving flowchart. S... / Continue →
  • October 4, 2011
    Note: Uncut and full-res version HERE. Link to INTERACTIVE chart at bottom of page. Can't decide which title on NPR's reader's choice top 100 sci-fi novels to pick up next? Any of them, JUST READ A F***ING BOOK. No lie, I remember one of my younger cousins used to have on h... / Continue →
  • August 8, 2011
    Note: This is only half the chart. Click HERE to see the whole thing because God forbid you a-holes take the moral high road. This is a flowchart of how to respond when you find yourself upset on the internet. Me? I'm an ignorer. But there are plenty of people who shoot st... / Continue →
  • May 20, 2011
    Note: Larger version HERE in case you're convinced there's some fine-print that might save your ass (there isn't though is the thing). This is a handy-dandy flowchart to determine whether or not you're going to be raptured tomorrow. SPOILER: no. Well -- what was your offen... / Continue →
  • February 3, 2011
    Note: This is neither full-size nor the whole chart, use the Force your mouse to click HERE and see the whole thing. Ever wonder where you'd fit in in the Star Wars employment universe? SPOILER: Bantha fodder. Sorry, but we were all thinking it. Me? I'd probably be on th... / Continue →
  • January 6, 2011
    Give a hoot, don't pollute go blind, click HERE to see the entire giant-ass chart. There's nothing more beautiful than a strong, female character. Unfortunately, in this misogynistic world in which we live there aren't neaaaaarly enough. Now I know what you ladies are thinki... / Continue →
  • December 10, 2010
    Note: Full-res version of the chart available HERE. I don't really care if you friend your parents on Facebook or not but you should join the GEEKOLOGIE FAN PAGE to receive up to the minute details on my drinking. That said, you should never friend your parents on Facebook un... / Continue →
  • October 21, 2010
    Note: You're not gonna have much fun playing it at this size, click HERE to see the thing in full-res and start making decisions! This is a flowchart you can use to "play" every computer RPG all smushed into one. I tried it a couple times but kept getting stuck in the "ente... / Continue →
  • September 13, 2010
    Note: I shrunk the image with a new shrink-ray I've been working on to keep my penis in check, click HERE to see the thing in its native resolution. This is a flowchart created by graphic designer Karen Kavett that's supposed to direct you to the Youtube channel that best fits... / Continue →
  • May 3, 2010
    I guess some people don't like steampunk. Well I do, provided it doesn't look cheap -- like your date! Hoho -- burn. Oh God please tell me that's not my sister. Suzy? DAMMIT GIRL GET IN THE CAR! "Is It Steampunk?" Flowchart [buzzfeed] Thanks to spazhands, who can't type ... / Continue →
  • April 20, 2010
    This is a flowchart to determine what kind of drunk you are. Well -- which one are you? Truthfully, I don't really touch the stuff myself so I guess that makes me a lying drunk. An awesome, well-endowed one! Did I ever tell you about the time I fought off a plane full of te... / Continue →
  • April 19, 2010
    NOTE: This ain't the whole thing so you need to beat THIS BUTTON with your cursor like you'd do a dirty rug with a broom handle. Having trouble picking just the write (see what I did there?) typeface for a project? Well fear not, because graphic designer Julian Hansen (Mmmm B... / Continue →
  • March 22, 2010
    This is a flowchart used to determine if you'll survive a zombie apocalypse. This is only a tiny piece of the thing though because it's giant so click THESE PINK WORDS to see the whole damn damndy damn. So? You're a goner aren't you? Well let me give you a little piece of ad... / Continue →
  • March 13, 2010
    NOTE: Full-res version HERE. The latest in nutritional flow charts (after fast food, beer and breakfast cereal), comes the candy edition. Now I don't know about you, but when I'm hankering for something sweet, there's only one thing that does the trick: candy dots. Kidding, ... / Continue →
  • January 23, 2010
    The latest in flowing charts posted here on Geekologie, this graphic guides you through the process of determining if a dropped food item is still worth eating. Of course, it's completely inaccurate. When it comes to eating shit off the floor there's really only one question ... / Continue →
  • December 18, 2009
    From the same maker of the fast food and breakfast cereal flowcharts comes the "What Beer Should I Drink?" edition (slightly larger version HERE). Of course if you're me, the decision is much simpler: all the fallen soldiers from the night before. Don't worry guys, GW to the ... / Continue →
  • December 6, 2009
    This is a flowchart used to determine whether or not you should use your iPhone while in the presence of your significant other (full-size version HERE). Of course, if you've dated any women like the ones I have, the answer is always, "NO". Also, "get a job" and, "learn how t... / Continue →
  • December 4, 2009
    There's no way you can read that even if you do have ultra-laser vision (jealous!) so click HERE to see the full size chart. Then, feel free to share what you discovered about your own online girlfriend in the comments. But I guarantee at least 9 out of 8 of you are dating du... / Continue →