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  • December 8, 2011
    Did you know blowing out a candle makes 'lil rainbows in the smoke? Of course you did, they probably teach this shit in schools now. When I was in school we didn't learn anything about rainbows except RON J BIZ or whatever. Sea Moon's (Grover Schrayer's) Flickr (with a ton... / Continue →
  • May 18, 2011
    I've never seen any Eye of Sauron cosplay before, and now I can see why: that shit's not easy to pull off. Thankfully, Captain Flameface here was up to the challenge. Not gonna lie, I thought he was the Cowardly Lion at first. Also, Saruman looks like she's ten, tops. UPDAT... / Continue →
  • September 2, 2010
    Seen here trying to bite his tongue but catching his lip instead, Stephen Hawking claims there's no need for a God in order for the universe to exist. *Preparing napsack and evacuation route for flame war* Now, in his upcoming book, according to an excerpt of the introduction... / Continue →
  • January 18, 2010
    Cole Blaq went and made some realistic flames out of LEGO blocks and lit them from beneath for a nice fiery glow. They look good. Plus, if you look closely enough you can see they actually spell his name. And for you those of you that are grammatically challenged the letters... / Continue →
  • December 14, 2009
    This is a camera designed at the Nagoya Institute of Technology in Japan that features 158 individual lenses. Why so many? To take 3-D pictures of a candle flame. And here I was thinking they were gonna use it to look up girls' skirts. Which, you know they are! Japan, Japan... / Continue →
  • October 2, 2009
    This is a photo of the world's tallest rocket blasting off for outerspace without me. Damnit, I packed a sack lunch and everything! HOLLER AT YOUR BOY, NASA. Come on -- I'll bring you back an alien corpse! You're looking at the 253.2-foot Delta 4-Heavy lifting off from laun... / Continue →
  • October 1, 2009
    Whenever I think "jet-powered" I think of rocketpacks and blasting off to the moon with a bubble helmet on and then playing hide-and-seek amongst the craters. Secondly, I think of danger and how much fun it is almost dying but then escaping death at the last second and flippin... / Continue →
  • August 31, 2009
    If you've been reading long enough, you may recall Everett Bradford's Pyro System from early last year. Well now Everett is back with the Pyro System 2.2. Basically, it's a bunch of 3rd degree burns waiting to happen. Ever seen a man melt his own face off before? I have, bu... / Continue →
  • August 25, 2009
    This $1.50 lighter from DealExtreme is in form factor of a regular sized cigarette and can set stuff on fire. Including, but limited to: cigarettes, spliffs, joints, hair, your sister's Barbies, cologne, fireworks and witches. I jest, there's no such thing as witches. Isn't ... / Continue →
  • July 21, 2009
    In a tale of spontaneous human combustion, a man who had been huffing gasoline (real Transformers drink it) was tasered by police and went up in a ball of flames. Sweeeeeet. Police said they were responding to a complaint at a house when (36-year old Ronald) Mitchell ran outs... / Continue →
  • March 2, 2009
    Juan Zamora is a man. A man with a '94 Camaro which undoubtedly has some Rad to the power of Sick flames painted on the sides. Anyway, he bought $26 worth of petrol at the station and paid with his Paypal debit card. Only problem was, Paypal reported he pumped $81,400,836,90... / Continue →
  • January 9, 2009
    Burger King has developed a Facebook application called Whopper Sacrifice that rewards users for deleting friends. You just delete 10 friends from Facebook, and TA-DA -- a coupon for a free Whopper. Unfortunately, the deal only works once per Facebook account and makes you lo... / Continue →
  • January 6, 2009
    That ain't right. You can't just go around setting a man's penis on fire while he's sleeping. I mean, what if he bee-lines it for the curtains? Rajini Narayan, 44, is alleged to have doused her husband, Satish, with a flammable liquid while he was sleeping. When she set him... / Continue →
  • December 19, 2008
    That's right folks, Burger King has come out with a cologne. Appropriately named Flame, 5ml bottles cost a staggering $4 and allegedly contain the intoxicating odor of flame-broiled burger. Mmmm. On, Burger King takes pains make satire of the "sexy is s... / Continue →
  • November 12, 2008
    So the Pentagon is employing a new weapon in the fight against WMDs. Namely, giant flaming balls (aka rocket balls). These are hollow spheres, made of rubberized rocket fuel; when ignited, they propel themselves around at random at high speed, bouncing off the walls and bre... / Continue →
  • June 23, 2008
    The Fire Footbag is pretty much a Hackey Sack made out of Kevlar that you douse with kerosene and then kick around until you've burnt the entire neighborhood down. They're similar to these magic balls (but more kickable), and cost $25. THIS PRODUCT IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS U... / Continue →
  • June 2, 2008
    Sometimes there's a candle that comes along and changes the way I look at wax-fueled flames forever. And this is one -- The Hotwicks Stripper Candle. The $9 candle smells like strippers. It's a candle and an alibi all in one! You don't smell like a stripper, you just smell lik... / Continue →
  • May 30, 2008
    This is a flame-throwing wheelchair built out of a golf car and Marine rescue helicopter seat. It can do 20 MPH and shoot flames up to 15-feet. I need one. You know, for the zombie apocalypse. Unfortunately it's a one of a kind piece built by some guy that goes by Lord Humo... / Continue →
  • May 22, 2008
    What could possibly be cooler than shooting flames out the exhaust of your car (besides actually being jet powered or having rocket launchers)? Very little. Well now, thanks to the Autoloc Flame Thrower you can toast the hell out of tailgaters like you've always wanted. The ... / Continue →
  • March 18, 2008
    These Transformer Zippos are a limited edition release from Japan. They come in black and silver and only 300 of each were made. As you can see from the picture, they're lighters with Optimus Prime's profile on them. I assumed they were snatched up already, but checked eBay ... / Continue →